Saturday, January 24, 2004

A Case Against EJB article on javaranch. somehow sucks! because why the hell did they create ejb in the first place. sigh... but i think the real reason is after having a blast learning the ejb path and finally getting real comfortable with cmp now all of a sudden articles are coming up discussing the against the use of ejb... even rick hightower whose articles inspired me to pursue cmp seems to be steering away from cmp/cmr nowadays... as well as this guy...

Thursday, January 22, 2004

am still frustrated i cant use resin-xdoclet.jar together with lomboz to handle @resin-ejb tags. but am really beginning to like ejb cmp 2.x. lets see where this goes.
found some eraserheads audio bits at the net. brings back some good old memories. i miss playing the electric guitar. sigh i wish i had a computer back then and those awesome downloadable guitar effects softwares. maybe i would have experimented more. but then the generic distortion was already providing a ton of fun.