Thursday, February 22, 2007

Touchdown in Baguio

Touchdown in Baguio
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Interesting place. Cool weather. Haven't slept a wink yet. Need to catch some Zzzzzs.

Baguio here we come!

Baguio Gear
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Ah the digital age. Back in the day, probably you only have to bring instamatic Kodak film type cameras to record your vacation. Past forward 2007, you have portable video recorder, digital SLR camera and portable gaming gear you can bring with you.

In two hours we will be leaving for Baguio. Our first family outing, just the four of us (Lovey, Rojan and Janro). Hope the kids will enjoy the uber cool weather and the flower (Panagbenga) festival.


froggy nox
-- Hopping around in Baguio soon...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Improved Navigation


Based on popular demand, we just added categorized views for location and interest pages. Simple modifications, but makes navigating the site much, much, better.

For the record, internet explorer (IE) still sucks! go Firefox!

froggy nox
-- Hop around, look around...

The new Canon 1D Mark III

10 FPS and dual digic III processors? SHINY!

The new accessories like the wireless transmitter is pretty shiny too. Can't find the info how to integrate a GPS into the thing, that would be redundantly shiny.

One of the things to salivate in your dreams. In reality a 5D with a 24-105 IS attached would be good enough for me. But even that is still a distant dream.

Don't get me wrong, the 350D that I have is pretty damn good starter kit. I just wish they made it more ergonomic and provided the adjustment wheel found on the 20D/30D and upward models. With that said, I could say the 30D is what I need and the 5D is what I want. The wife says a family car should be the real priority since the children are growing up, so for short, no other frackin' expense till we get that one.

Now if only I could earn from blabbering blogging... Maybe I should set up my own picture gallery and put some Ad Sense there and pretend number of people would be interested in them. Put up a donate to my 5D fund button if Paypal Philippines would put its act together and finally allow that feature for those of us living here.

shutter nox
-- back to work, nuff said...

Apple's new wireless router.

This Apple guys really gets it! No longer you have to buy a separate SLUG to plug your external storaged device into the network without a host computer.

mac nox
-- now back to work...

Monday, February 19, 2007

Bluer than blue.

Bluer than blue.
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I like how saturating the blue channel in this photo turned out. The correct exposure allowed the photo to retain the detail in the clouds even if I doofus-ly shot it in JPEG instead of RAW.


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My first stab at black and white. I like how the tiny image of the fisherman is framed nicely within the reflection of the sky. The mountain on the left side gives a cue on the scale I think.

I could imagine myself in place of the fisherman, neath a cloudy sky, thinking of nothing, pondering the mysteries of life and the universe, just me, the boat, the clouds, the view, the cool breeze of the ocean, wondering just how to get back to the frackin' shore.