Friday, November 11, 2005

IBM T43, probably the best linux/*bsd intel laptop. more power, less weight category. now if only priced at $999 or lower. might be possible since the acquisition by lenovo. even the older T42 or the ultra portable X* models are just perfect for real mobile use.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

if you like ebooks and like me have developed a habit of reading them on your daily commute, check out Cory Doctorow's Literary Works. available for FREE on various PDA friendly formats.
Architosh: News >Tidbits: Apple patent shows company possibly preparing for OS War. Excerpts below:

22. The method of claim 20, wherein the first operating system is selected from the set consisting of Mac OS X, Linux, and Microsoft Windows.

23. The method of claim 20, wherein the second operating system is selected from the set consisting of Mac OS X, Linux, and Microsoft Windows.

is this true? how does it compare to the current virtualization technologies employed today? not surprising however, since the mac os has both rosetta and virtual pc available today.

we live in exciting times.

Monday, November 07, 2005

LBS: Web 2.0

In relation to my previous post on pareng migs (feeling close) blog about Google Map API and LBS. Wouldn't it be super slick if social networking services are enhanced with LBS? Voluntary perhaps, something the user can REALLY turn off/on or restricted to his first degree friends? Emphasis on REALLY turn off/on unlike mobile spam.

How about instant messaging. Add a plugin to the Google desktop sidebar to display the location on google map whoever you are currently chatting with. Can be whacked on Jabber. Although the current Philippine layers are restricted to 20k feet?. It would still be fun to map out where everybody is on the archipelago, or any other place around the world for that matter.

LBS can be text based too! Imagine finding out the nearest cash-in/cash-out for your Smart Money or G-Cash within your location. Make any willing soul to advertise himself as a mobile cash-in/cash-out agent by turning on his LBS. Should make adoption a bit faster. Hmmmnn. I have blogged about this feature before. How about the nearest Botika (Medicine Store). Even the nearest manong who can deliver the tastiest isaw. By this time you should know how isaw goes so well even with the cheapest red wine. The possibilities are endless, lots and lots of ideas to titilate the wet corners of the mind.

Yes, privacy issues and a ton of other things. But you can release early, release often. Follow the opensource model. More people scrutinizing the model, more chances of securing.

LBS is going to be the next big wave. Time to take your surf board out. Let Filipino's take the lead on this one.

Pinoy, ikaw ay pinoy!
Ipakita sa mundo.
Kung ano ang kaya mo...
-Orange and Lemons (Pinoy Ako, Big Brother theme song)

Potent Little Soldiers

Whilst waiting for my lovey', I scanned the contents of the cosmo? magazine and found this interesting fact:

"The average count of those little soldiers that a male releases after taking a ride on the wild elmo, is good enough to impregnate all the women in the US, twice!".

Ok. No mention of the wild elmo there. It was described pretty much straightforward. Got that wild elmo thing on nat friedman's post regarding Teen Sex and the Linux Desktop. It was in response to Mathew Szulik, Red Hat chief executive article saying that the Desktop Linux is like teenage sex. He said "The desktop (probably the linux one) has become a lot like teenage sex: a lot of people are talking about it but not many people are doing it."

IMHO, Opensource desktop especially GNOME is a lot like casual sex. Not as wild, as intimate and mind blowing as OS X. Not as worse, or as crappy like a Windows experience either. Good enough for regular use, and plenty of areas to experiment/improve with. Probably mixing the two here (desktop and sex), but you get the drift.

Going back to the potent little soldiers. Just like em', opensource desktop is potent enough to be on most desktops. Unfortunately, success rate is not yet that high. What we need is more power, less weight, every woman's dream.

this is to inform the public that the iPod, is the gadget I want for Christmas!

and of course, world peace!

now accepting gifts this early.
Google Maps API in Java - Migs Paraz - Random Takes

slick! pasted my comments below:

cool migs!

it would be great if one can store his/here whereabouts privately/publicly whenever the urge strikes. sort of like checking where have i been for the past few days, weeks, months and maybe years!!! or bundled with mobile blogging you can store your location together with your blog post. imagine adding this to something like onlife (

hopefully LBS of telcos can be opened to soonish to 3rd party developers ;)
Google touts new features in desktop tool | CNET

holy kamote! just like the opensource dashboard project. very soon when wearable computing is the norm, we could have search agents of varying functionality beaming results back to our goggles or contact lenses perhaps. everybody will in some point be connected to the net. dunno if thats good or bad news. after all, we are all but packets in the internet called life.

you really freak me out,
i'm so afraid of you.
-Weezer (Freak Me Out)

Sunday, November 06, 2005

more googledesktop news: Inside Google Desktop

moving out, moving on after staying more than 3 years on our current apartment. the place is a bit bigger and has ample space where the kids could run about. excited but unfortunately, Bayantel has no way of determining when a DSL slot would be available in the new apartment. that might mean out of the grid whenever am home till christmas. maybe its time to configure that old dialup modem and stick it to the FreeBSD box in the office.

DSL downgraded to dialup, just like good old days.

Looking up I saw nothing but blue in the bluest skies.
-Gin Blossoms