Thursday, January 26, 2006

Father and Son

Father and Son
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Just hanging out with Janro. Waiting for Barney to sing the "I love you, you love me!" song.

On another note, the Treo 650 makes it so easy to capture and blog moments like this. No extra software require. Its simply an MMS sent to a specified flicker email address which is configured to post the photo and blog entry to blogger. Best of all the service is entirely free! Your only cost is the MMS charge which is P3.00 for Globe I think. :-D

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Just got this from the mail: Ynzal eCatalog is now selling the latest 12" model iBooks at around 61k and if you are a UP student/staff/educator I would say RUN, do not walk and get the the iBook at a discounted price of P54,207 only.

And no, for the record I am not a Mac fanatic. There is nothing to love about what probably is the best integration of software and hardware, embedded power of unix underneath and the slickest, and the most user friendly GUI the planet has ever seen.

And I swear I would only agree reluctantly that I am a mac fanatic if you give me a fully loaded MacBook Pro due out 2nd week of february.
BenQ 50: A treo in this form factor would be reaallllly nice.

On the meantime, am still dreaming of a flat rate P500/month unlimited data (GPRS) plan. That would remove the need for a wifi accessory.

And oh, if 3G would be that affordable and phones that runs OS like linux/bsd would be widely available. That would definitely be a signal that the Age of Personal Content Sharing has come. I imagine the mobile phones of the future "serving/sharing content". Heck, making apache run on mobile phones would be a good start.

Bobby D

Bobby D
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Currently listening a bunch of songs by Bob Dylan, while on my way home via the MRT. Over the years I have somehow grown more and more interested in his music. Simply put, just listening to some of his songs, you could learn a lot about life. Granted he lived in an era where both lyrics and music matters.

Everybody else is making love,

Or expecting rain.

-Bob Dylan (Desolation Row)
From Paul Graham: How to Do What You Love. Something to read on the way home. Believe me, this man writes stuff worth reading.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Tsk tsk tsk. It seems Bayantel has no plans of installing/transferring our DSL line from munoz to tandang sora due to unavailability of a slot.

Looks like Smart Wifi is the way to go. Wonder if Globe broadband is available in our area? or Destiny cable internet?
Grrr. Tried to use the contact us feature of Globe's unlimited data plan service:, and this is what I get:

Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0126'

Include file not found

/get-visibility/contactussendmail.asp, line 2

The include file 'include/' was not found.

Ack! Looks like they don't like inquiries or sales. Taking RSS Beyond Headlines : Part One

A cool list of alternative uses for RSS feeds. Got it via feed.

If I have time, it would be nice to develop/add the things below to the list:

1. Social Network Aware (or appended to those dating services): fertility cycle feed. Where women could publish their menstrual cycle. Imagine the possibilities. Napkin makers would love this.

2. MRT stored value ticket availability feed. Pretty handy to know which station has one available. Since until now those MRT vending machines are just glorified displays, and they often ran out of SVT cards. Btw, why don't they put those vending machines in malls or other public places. This would GREATLY shorten the line and fasten the queue during rush hours.

3. DTI suggested retail prices for commodities. This would be awesome! Tulong sa mga maybahay.

4. Pampers availability. Simply because E.Q. sucks. Everytime we tried E.Q. due to pampers unavailability on our suki grocery stores, Our youngest, Janro, would overflow the diaper overnight, and worse it doesn't stay dry. Imagine the implications.

5. Lotto winning numbers: just in case tumaya ako.

6. For G-Cash and Smart Money: Available cash-in/cash-out points per area. Should help a bit in accelarating adoption.

7. Philippine Points of Interest (POI) feed. User submitted, containing lat and long data. Per area, per category etc. I even have a name -> PinoyPOI (TM) hehehe
Been lusting for this -> > Seidio 2 in 1 HIGH END InEar Noise Isolating Headset for Treo 650 (NEW!) I tried the iBuds silicon contraption for regular headsets and it still has the tendency to fall off with minimal movement.

Wonder if there would a local store that sells this headset?

Glass Off, Glass On

For the past few months I had been moaning about bitter sweet headaches and occasional nasuea particularly in the afternoons after work or whenever I spend an insane amount of time staring at the computer (which, more often than not happens on a daily basis).

So last friday we decided its time for me to seek help with a nearby refraction man (TM). We found a good shop at SM North, Acebedo Optical which offers some nice discounts at the moment. Consultation is at P200.00 and free if you buy a lens or a frame afterwards.

Anyway, after a few questions regarding what was my line of work, I was made to wear a clunky eye contraption (no digital gizmo available?) and asked to read a seemingly random alphabet from a canvass a few feet away from me. Right eye was tested first. I could still read the 7th row quite clearly but when it came to 8th row the letters appeared to be fuzzy tho still readable. The refraction man popped in a grade 50 lens on the contraption and lo behold the 8th row looked sharp and crystal clear! He explained that my dominant right eye must have been overworked and might the culprit of the bitter sweet headaches. We tested the left eye next and settled in for a grade 25 lens. He also recommended I get a non glare type of lens since I tend towork in from of a computer most of the time.

Next we were ushered to a display rack to try which frame would match my not-so-boy-next-door looks, long tarnished when the first acne left a scar on my pristine face. The ones with a rim make me look like an Einstein fanatic ready to shout E=mc2 at the push of a button. My lovey suggested I should go for the rimless design. I then choose the titanium kind, which was really light and comfortableb to wear. Total cost after discount: P5000.00 for both lens and frame. Ouch!

Conclusion: The past three days had been headache free. My eyes doesn't feel as tired like before, even after prolonged computer use. I should have done this sooner. Nevermind the pocketache inflicted afterwards.

Just tried this on the Treo 650 -> KMaps Location Services Platform

Unfortunately I couldn't make it view the Philippine map. Still searching for Philipine map layers and attempt to draw it on top of the Google map via the public API.

How does it feel?
How does it feel?
Your on your own...
No direction home!
-Boy Dylan (Like A Rolling Stone)
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