Thursday, June 23, 2005

in this troubled times, its refreshing to know that some people still has the capacity to share:

from migs:

The Smart GPRS gateway sends these:

X-Nokia-msisdn: 63918xxxxxxx, 63918xxxxxxx
X-Nokia-imsi: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
X-Nokia-gateway-id: NWG/4.0/Build64

and from mark:

...while globe use cookies :)

if (isset($_COOKIE['User-Identity-Forward-msisdn'])) {
$x = $_COOKIE['User-Identity-Forward-msisdn'];
for($cell='', $i=1; $i<=strlen($x); $i+=2)
$cell .= $x{$i};

it seems you can get the msisdn of the browsing phone! sweet! hooray for mailling lists :D

now, the next question would be sun. hmmnn... time to buy a sun prepaid sim...

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

yesterday the jeepneys and busses started implementing the 2 pesos fare increase, and the extended VAT issue is still quite fresh. the government is testing the patience of the Filipino people.

ineluctable? but it just seems too soon.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

and here is my own shotcode, can you guess where it will take you? ;-)

independently mobile! interesting! should be handy if i started marketing mobileindie? could also be used for bar code hungry apps.

hmmnnn... this could mark hotspots! you do the shotcode thing and viola you are given a username and a password. plenty of ideas you can throw in there. yeah, you can do this via sms. *sigh* why not just put up a sign that tells text whatever_keyword to access_code. but, gasp! it requires an access code, {...}.

lets just do the funk, the first day funk...

itaas ang kamay at iwagayway. if you don't know the answer, eh di lagot.

lets do the funk :D
Digital Life by Chin Wong -- Wi-Fi for the people astig ang mga to. right in the middle of NCR. samantalang si barangay wireless nasa mindanao? pa yata pero medyo ingat pa si kapitan.

now, if this can be duplicated in the regions, i'd be skypeing at the foot of mount mayon :D

rojan + janro = happy me

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post father's day musings. and i just can't imagine life without these two.

rojan the nerdy

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janro the wacky

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Steve Job's Commencement Address. its for you, fresh grads out there.

"Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish".
- Steve Jobs

but don't take it too literally, the Philippines is always an exception.
- Nox
Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus... slick! see the demo!

same concept can be applied to a wiki? a visual wiki perhaps? how about the web represented visually like this? google, would you like to try?

wouldn't it be nice to visually navigate the web?
Boing Boing: Everything Bad is Good for You: How TV and games make us smarter... hmmn... wish i could find one at the local bookstore...

the last time i had read a real book (and i haven't even finished reading it yet), as opposed to an ebook was a book entitled "How to discipline a child without shouting and spanking". boy! you can't even begin to imagine the weird look on people's faces on the MRT when they saw me reading it. now that was disorienting.