Thursday, May 13, 2004

Waiting and blogging

Whilst waiting for the next meeting with my boss, i find it a good excuse to blog. It has been several days since i got this wonderful PDA. It does have a tremendous impact on productivity. I already finished reading an ebook and have all my schedules planned properly. Also commuting sans the laptop provided a relief to my aching back. Each down time be it waiting for a meeting, or the daily train commute provides opportunities to catch up on news, email, ebook or planning the next course of action to survive the highly volatile world that we live in.

Monday, May 10, 2004

suddenly struck by a sense of deep amazement as i observe my two year old daughter. i realized that she has changed so much that it seems just a while ago i would pat her gently to sleep. Her tiny hands i would endlessly kiss. Those cute eyes that seems to stare at my soul. I couldnt thank God enough for these miracle. I do hope and pray that our second baby and my wife would come through safely. Three months to go and am anxious and excited an do hope its a boy this time!