Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy 2008!

Happy 2008 everyone!

Posting on the 5th day of 2008? Better late than never.

Hope and prosperity to all.

Some reflections:

- As you grow older, the more you realize that life goes on very fast, slowing down to appreciate an afternoon chat with your wife, chasing your kids in the playground or reading them a story is more important than anything else. That real joy can be found in the things you already have.

- Nowadays I think more of having a business. Being a consultant for more than half a decade, you realize if something happens to you, your savings will quickly dry up. Being an entrepreneur is the way to go. Its hard but definitely possible. Am getting curious of how stocks work, time to really save and experiment while there is still a buffer for failure. A small farm to begin with, or small real property investments could be a start. The goal now is to save as much as we can to take the initial baby steps to becoming an entrepreneur.

- Real friends are really rare to find. Frack, people are so strange, everybody is deranged.

- Living in a foreign land as opposed to being a tourist really immerses you in ways that is hard to describe. Suddenly you realize we are all not so different and yet there are character snippets here and there that distinguish each and everyone belonging to different culture or races.

- There are always a ton of things we should thank our God above for all the blessings we have. Life is not a wheel that has its ups and downs, but rather a paralllel universe of good and bad. Its just a matter of not begging for more.

Again, happy 2008! May all our dreams come true.


Monday, December 31, 2007

Rojan the Swimmer

Rojan the Swimmer
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Really happy the way my daughter is progressing with her swimming lessons. I wish I had the same opportunity when I was young. I think the real joy of parenthood is seeing your personal dreams and aspirations fulfilled by your kids.

daddy nox
- My kids make me proud (MKMMP).