Saturday, March 03, 2007

Rocking Chapel

Family went to the local chapel in our village to hear mass today. Was pleasantly surprised at the end of the mass the local children choir were really awesome singing the song "One Way". Everybody was upbeat with the pop-rockin tune.

We have stayed for over a year in this village, and we are really loving the place. A local chapel within the village is really rockin, since its walking distance from the apartment and the mass schedule is 9am every sunday. Aside from that, its just one jeepney ride from the MRT and pretty much near the wet market so that makes it pretty darn convenient.

For the meantime the song is currently on top of my last song syndrome queue (LSS).

faithful nox
-- singin', One way, Jesus, your the only one that I could live for...

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Back to earth.

Ok, am back to work, my mind that is.

My body feels different tho, after 4 days of non-stop walking in Baguio (really impractical not to go around on foot during the Panabenga festivities), its only now that the tired feeling is settling in.

Ok, back to work...