Saturday, May 27, 2006

Team Building

Back from our team building session held in Antipolo's Camp Explore at Mount Puro. Really, REALLY nice place. You sleep among the trees. Our cabin was at the level of the trees and designed with lots of open spaces. Air flows freely at its spacious loft and food served was again really good!

I realized that one of the best things that team building sessions can bring is that it makes the facilitators state the obvious in a manner that all you won't get offended. Its quite different when its you or your colleague explaining the same things to you. There is often personal friction involved if say you try to mention to your co-worker the value of teamwork, or trust and all the other basic things that makes a high performing team.

The place was really awesome. Hope I can have the same haven when my life is nearing the sunset. That would be a nice place to spend your not so tender years.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

BSD News

Hooray! DTrace for FreeBSD port now working!

This just made my day!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

TNPI - Do it Yourself .mac v2

Should find time to do this hack one of these days. Another alternative could be iFolder, but it still has no running port yet on FreeBSD. Besides, iDisk is relatively sweet and nicely integrated with the rest of OS X apps.

Find, find time...
Forever, would be fine...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

OLPC - a photoset on Flickr

Sweet! Hopefully this thing also gets to our local countryside. Hoping too, that it certainly brings one of the greatest equalizer of modern times (the internet) to areas that need it the most.

And its running a stripped down FC5. Shiny!

Apple - Nike iPod

Shiny! shoes. It that kind of gear doesn't inspire you to run, nothing else will. hehehe.

Mailling List annoyance

Subscribed to PLUG a few weeks ago to get the feel of the local linux community. As with other local ML you can't help but notice members of the list posting with half a page worth of signature attached to their post. You would mildly understand if this are just the usual quotes or PGP keys. But it boggles the mind why some have to include half a dozen of the internet domains they are affiliated with. Worse, each domain includes its own tag line, motto, etc., whatever. And thats not even mentioning untrimmed replies :(

Hopefully these type of posters will be considerate enough in the future to think about us digest mode loving peeps.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Commercials, Piolo and Me

Overheard during a commercial break.

Me: "Kahit ganyan lang na katawan, ok na sa akin".

Wifey: "Marami ka pang bigas na aalisin".

Seriously needing an exercise routine hacked into my sedentary meatspace world. Anybody selling a rather unused good quality treadmill? The last time I jogged around the village involved a scary encounter with a bunch of malnourished four legged mammals. Clearly, not the type I would consider as my best friend.

YouTube - Fast OS Switching on MacBook

OS X, Windows and Ubuntu YouTube Video. Check out the "switching" action. Man! Those new mactels are looking rather sweet and rockingly handsome, performance wise!

Oh Santa, I promise to be really nice this year. A MacBook Pro or a MacBook (black if possible) will really make a nice Christmas gift. :D