Thursday, April 26, 2007

Life updates

Almost a month here.

- Found my own flat. I now live on the 15th floor on place cool enough to pass as a resort. Every block has its own pool. Awesome!
- The new place is 20-30-45 mins away from the office. Depending on the traffic and the alignment of the moon to the sun. Even if they indicate 10 - 20 mins interval, prepare your sanity for 30 to 60 minutes of waiting time for the bus. You can't beat the price tho, if you keep your ticktet, you are good to go anywhere. Each ticket is a whole day pass. Public bus is clean and nice, you get to enjoy the views and see more places compared to riding the train.
- I like the new place better. Something nice to look forward too after a hectic day in the office. I feel safer here than the previous guest flat.
- I get free wifi, and oh men, nothing beats free. No socket nearby tho.
- GPRS is the way to go for international messaging. YM + GPRS = Me chatting with my love ones back home anytime, anywhere. Take that you overpriced Philippine Cellcos!
- Work is ok, nothing I can't handle for the moment. The pressure is on delivering an enterprise app going to be deployed in 40 plus countries, each with varying challenges, one of them is making sure it is still useable in a dialup world. This should be fun.
- My lovey told me they were able to get their passports. Yippeeeee!!! That means they can visit or live with me here!
- Overall am beginning to love this country. First world amenities with 3rd world cost of living. That's redundantly awesome! Shiny!

Pictures to follow.