Thursday, February 23, 2006

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Interesting stuff there, like the The Asteroid Threat Over the Next 100,000 Years. 3GSM Congress - Symbian, Linux, Windows

GTK+ on Palm devices via the Access Linux Platform. Sweet.
Why I passed up the chance to work at Apple ~ Authentic Boredom

Good points to ponder there. As a family man, I had been to similar situations in the past. Albeit with a different twist: Go abroad or stay here with the family.

There are really things that money just can't buy.

But nothing is constant except change. Lets see how long it would be till we decided that its time to go to a land where there is more milk and honey.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Corrupted Partition: Time for Philippines to have a Mobile VAS Clearing House?

Hmmmmnnnn... Been whining about that for the past 3 years. The current state of acquiring an access code is a major bottleneck for CP's.
Disected MacBook Pro. Took just a few hours after he received the item.

Two words...

Mac Porn!
The First Bootable OSx86 10.4.4 DVD ?

Hmmmmnnnnn... When Apple moved to Intel, I think this is enevitable.

Monday, February 20, 2006


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What kind of computers will kids like Janro have in the future? Would laptops still be practical in an increasingly mobile world? Will the ancient keyboard ever be replaced by newer input methods? With the advent of video recorder phones, will blogs be replaced by videocasts? Will the current text-dominated-web be replaced by visually richer multimedia-content-on-demand services? Will door bells/buzzers be obsolete?

A year/months ago, we complained to Globe about incorrect WAP over GPRS charging (using a prepaid sim). Sometime reaching as high as 30-40 pesos per transaction! At some point in time they corrected the error and promised to refund the incorrectc harges. Now we are reviving our WAP application.

Hot damn! I really need a GPRS counter.

Some statistics:

2 wap cards cost 58 centavos
3 wap cards cost 96 centavos

Each card not more than 1k. Following the 15 centavos per kb charging I really was expecting not more than 50 for the 3 wap cards. The average size for our wap application. Of course I failed to count the necessary? headers. Its not exactly divisible by 15, so am also wondering how exactly do they count the traffic? or is VAT computed?

Wonder if a mobile WAP browser application with traffic statistics exist?

Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Look at GNOME 2.14.

I seldom use Gnome these days. But its exciting to see its progress from time to time. Hopefully Cairo/XGL/Compiz will be available soonish too. Maybe at 2.16?