Saturday, July 01, 2006

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Google Checkout Tour

I remembered blogging something is bound to dominate the e/m-commerce space.

Oh well, here comes google checkout!

Wonder if it accepts credit cards from the Philippines? Will it be the end of Paypal? or like Visa and Mastercard co-exist peacefully?

Exciting times to be in the e/m-commerce industry!

And for cellco's out there, I kid you not, the next wave is on the data highway. Start offering practical data plans!

Its not in the box, its in the band baby...

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Yahoo! Messenger for Mac

probably long overdue.

but hey, this new yahoo messenger mac client is pretty shiny!

First night of SCJP review thoughts

It seems to be a bunch of lively and jolly folks. Kudos to the O & B team led by Charo, Calen, Ealden and Owie for organizing the review. Looking forward for the next review session.

As I have said during the initial getting to know part, its more of the curiosity that drives me to try to take an SCJP exam. Passing the exam would be an added bonus and needless to say, justify the pocket pain inducing price of the voucher (3rd world dictates that you should make every penny count). Here's to hoping I do pass, as the O & B folks were telling us that most Java developers already doing software development had statistically lower passing average than those greenhorns fresh from learning Java as a language. Emphasis on Java as a language, as opposed to Java as a developer tool. Anyway, at the end of the day, its the journey and not the destination thingy.

On the other hand, I think we took the long way back, took more or less 30 minutes to get to the Ayala MRT station. Something the treadmill back home would probably be jealous. Will try the Pasong Tamo-Magallanes route next time. Else, not only do we get to review the syntactical beauty of the Java 1.5 specs, we also get to loose a handful of pounds (baby fats) in the process.

Waiting neath the gloomy sky

With a cup of rice, a handful of tocino bits and sunny side up fried egg (rare) and last but not the least a cup of coffee.

Will pass time before the review starts. Meanwhile, its chow time.

- somewhere in salcedo street.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Skype - The whole world can talk for free.

On another note, a co-worker of mine as well as my loving wife got an email from skype announcing a free 60 minute call added to their account. We tried it and called a relative on a cellphone in bicol. It worked! although predictably just a few minutes (5 minutes i think). Obviously the 60 minute applies to calls made to the US and other VOIP friendly teritorries.

Some observations on this Skype out thingy:
1. The call made to a landline (Digitel) in Bicol was a bit garbled, and delayed. You have to do the walky-talky talk in order for you to understand each other.

2. The call made to the cellphone (Globe) was a bit better, and was just like a regular cell phone to cell phone call. We could even hear those tricycles whizzing in the background.

Anyway, it was fun while it lasted. Nothing beats free. Hopefully Skype will soon let you call any landline for free, just like what they are doing now for the US and Canadian teritorries.

Time to go to bed. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

New GPRS rates

Am probably the last one to know, a friend of mine who recently got a treo told me that Smart is now currently charging 10 per 30 minutes of GPRS use.

This makes loggin on the internet via Smart prepaid SIM a bit more practical. Assuming of course that you don't get disconnected often, as each reconnection would reset your usage and you will be charged 10 pesos per 30 minutes again.

Hopefully Globe would introduce a counter scheme asap.

If the cellco's still don't get it, the next big cashcows will be killer apps that rides on the data pipe. Put your data rates down, and let em rip.

- looking for a hand me down Smart prepaid SIM

Back to Basics

Tom will be the start of the free SCJP review offered by the good folks at Orange and Bronze. Looking forward to rattle my brain and meet new friends.

Might be nice to blog about this review thingy. Hmmmnnn...

Metro Manila Makeover: Naga 3D

Way Cool!

Naga in 3D!

Google is pretty shiny! for opening their products for end user hacking.

Mauragon ining mga kahimanwa na nag-gibo kaini! Saludo akong marhay!

Talented Bicolanos now on the rise!