Tuesday, June 27, 2006

New GPRS rates

Am probably the last one to know, a friend of mine who recently got a treo told me that Smart is now currently charging 10 per 30 minutes of GPRS use.

This makes loggin on the internet via Smart prepaid SIM a bit more practical. Assuming of course that you don't get disconnected often, as each reconnection would reset your usage and you will be charged 10 pesos per 30 minutes again.

Hopefully Globe would introduce a counter scheme asap.

If the cellco's still don't get it, the next big cashcows will be killer apps that rides on the data pipe. Put your data rates down, and let em rip.

- looking for a hand me down Smart prepaid SIM


Anonymous said...

Nox, here's what you will see once you're connected to SMART wap page. :) The PhP 10.00 charge is good for 30 minutes no matter how many times you connect during the 30 minutes duration. :) Pretty neat!

Starting May 1, you can do unlimited browsing via Smart GPRS and Smart 3G for only P10 per 30 minutes, no more kilobyte charges. P10 charge starts when you browse sites outside of the Smart WAP site and is running time-based similar to internet cafes. This means you will only be charged P10 within the first 30 minutes regardless of how many times you login. Additional P10 shall be charged for every 30 minutes thereafter or every fraction thereof. Browsing within the Smart WAP site is free of charge. Content download rates still apply.

Unknown said...


Now if only Globe would do a counter promo. For the meantime, will look for a handme down Smart pre-paid SIM.