Sunday, April 05, 2009

My love, my life...

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Had a great time this Sunday. Took the lovey and kids to Pantai Morib for a much needed break.

Beach was ok, but food was fresh and delicious! We had grilled fish, fried prawns and calamari cooked kampung style? I could still imagine the taste of the prawn somewhere there in my tastebuds. It was really good and am not even a prawn lover to begin with :).

We also had a blast with kite flying. For RM8, you have a ready made kite to go along with the fresh sea breeze. It got stuck to one of the trees in the end tho. And am afraid we did lost one of Janro's slippers stuck in the sand somewhere.

Planning to go to nearby tourist destinations every once in a while on weekends. Hope it helps lovey recover faster from the recent surgery. Its surprisingly cheaper than going to malls and its just feels great to bond with the family this way.