Friday, September 19, 2008

Maven - Introduction to the Standard Directory Layout

Am really beginning to like Maven over good ole' Ant. Dependency management is just one configuration away. Shiny!

Other than that, switched all my hobby/happy code to SVN.


Yesterday, after Tenby, kids in tow we went to our favorite hangout place "The Curve" in Kota Damansara. One of the reasons why we like this place is because of Borders bookstore which aside from offering a huge selection of books (and accepts book orders if its not in stock!), allows you to open any book you like and provides cushy reading corners without somebody giving you the I-think-you-are-not-frackin-buying look. MPH bookstore also has the same store policy by the way, although a bit smaller compared to Borders.

Anyway I asked around if there's a copy of Domain-Driven Design by Eric Evans but unfortunately there is no copy left, the only option is to order which would take around 4 weeks. I saw on the counter a revised edition of Friedman's "The World is Flat" and noticed it is now update and has two additional chapters to boot. I grabbed a copy since the I liked the first edition (which I read in digital form) and it would be nice to add to my growing book collection. Was pleasantly surprised when my lovey pointed me to this set in the counter:

Yep. Thats correct. Threebies! Simply cannot resist as both "Freakonomics" and "Blink" are both good reads. Not really bad for MYR 83.00. Buying them individually would set you back around MYR 120.00, I suppose.

My lovey also wants to read the "Harry Potter" series, so we wandered around the bookstore looking for boxed sets. To our dismay, the prices for the boxed sets ranged from MYR 550.00 to MYR 800.00, (softbound, hardbound). A bit expensive for our budget. So we started looking at individual book prices and discovered it would only set us back MYR 240.00 for the same collection! There was one minor problem, "The Goblet of Fire" was not available in Borders so the gentlemen at the counter suggested we look at the nearby MPH bookstore and see if we could find one. So off we went to check, and luckily one more copy is there so we are all glad we could go home with a complete collection:

One more thing, we were also able to use four discount vouchers (MYR 10.00) each from the last time we bought some books here, so we were able to get an MYR 40.00 discount. It pays to keep those paper things they put into your basket. :)

The kids also got a Spongebob activity book, complete with brush and water based paint. Here is the end result of the first rock.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

School bukol...

A while ago we visited Tenby International School, it seems to be a nice learning environment. About 20 minutes away via the NKVE from our condo which probably means less traffic, but at the price of RM 1.40 toll fee. Hope we get a car before school starts in January.

The fees are almost the same as MAZ International School, but this one really has nice facilities in comparison and as a result has a more campus feel into it. It was actually recommended to us by another international school (ELC). Looking forward to getting all the finance requirements settled as soon as possible.

All in all it looks promising, after spending the past few months looking for options, hopefully this is the one. Otherwise, there is no other option but send them to school in the Philippines. Sigh, the thought alone makes me sad already. Nothing beats staying together in a foreign country even if that means a huge sacrifice in terms of savings. But life is short and money can't buy you the happiness of seeing and being with your kids everyday.

More on this as we go along. I think its time to post some tidbits on OFW life in Malaysia for the benefit of those thinking of working here. Its actually a nice country to live in with a comparatively lower cost of living than its neighbor Singapore.

daddy nox
- blue jeans, blue jeans, blue jeans...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

31 and counting...

Life as we know it, quickly goes by...

Fortunately, am lucky to have two adorable kids and a loving wife (Oh, and a really stubborn pekingese dog). As life is short and it doesn't make sense to go on its journey alone. Birthdays for me means taking stock of all the good things you have so far and be really thankful to the Lord for all the blessings.

Yeah, life ,with all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, its still a beautiful world (Ehrmmmm!). Now time to eat some pancit and drink some red wine.