Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Transient Objects

Am addicted to XML serialization and deserialization via XStream. It rocks!

One thing to watch out if you are using dependency injection (AspectJ) is to make sure your helper objects are declared transient. Else XStream will complain of stack overflow. So save yourself from countless omit field statements and just declare those injected objects as transient.

dev nox
-- swimming in a sea of XML data...

Monday, February 12, 2007

Firefox rocks on my mac, but...

It frackin' hogs the CPU. Safari on the other hand seems to slowly leaks in to memory, but doesn't hog the CPU that much. The web developer plugin on firefox is a gem of a tool that keeps me coming back to use it from time to time. Wish they could fix the CPU hogging thing so I could use it as my main browser on my poor single core G4 processor.

Enough, whining. Back to coding..

dev nox
-- wishing for a macbook pro...

Sunday, February 11, 2007

TomTom Bluetooth GPS Receiver

Update: Of the GPS receivers I mentioned a while ago. The TomTom Bluetooth GPS receiver seems to be the sexiest. Not to mention small and interfaces nicely with most PDA's including my trusty old treo.

Too bad, I don't have Paypal Donate button.

GPS Hunt

I wonder which of this GPS list is the cheapest?

I need one for my location based services (LBS) ideas that still titillates the wet corners of my mind from time to time.

traveller nox
-- no direction home...

SysAd Musings

MRTG reporting something consuming the bandwidth at 80%. After checking the mailq, I have 6K plus deferred messages also holding the CPU hostage (almost 50% ).

One command to rule them all:

postsuper -d ALL deferred

Modern day digital surgery of a machine's electronic artery. They do rhyme, don't they?

sysad nox
-- loving one liners...