Saturday, July 15, 2006

glassfish: Quick Start Guide

another quickie on this glassfish freebsd combo:

the slick web based admin gui tool works like a charm. got reminded again how spartan the resin am accustomed to compared to to SJSAS. :D

as FreeBSD is not officially supported by glassfish, am really just surprised it worked. was worried since I spotted a few .so files unpacked, JNI dependencies perhaps. anyway lets see where this goes.

glassfish: Quick Start Guide


managed to run glassfish on top of FreeBSD 6 using the mac os x binary. tested the main page and it does seem to work. not surprisingly since os x userland is based on FreeBSD also. however, haven't tested yet the other glassfish components. if its 100% java and doesnt do jni calls, it just might hum along properly. will try installing liferay on top of this setup and hoping it performance would be a bit better than my earlier G4 experience.

Liferay Forums

Finally managed to setup liferay on bookah. I must say am really impressed with the polish of the UI. AJAX-ish and even has a cute analog clock. Major gripe was the default war file which has a hard coded context so you are forced to set it up on the ROOT if you are using resin.

On the other hand, its a bit slow on a G4 iBook, even the 1.5G of ram didn't help. Will try it on the Glassfish and SJAS 8 and see if there are noticeable speed improvements on the same machine.

Will try my luck running it on my FreeBSD 6.1 home machine (pikah). Specially, since I managed to squeeze some time a few hours ago to setup the brand spanking new (an offshoot of thee free distribution license recently granted by Sun) diablo jdk (1.5).

Next step is to learn the portlet specification. Liferay is also EJB-ish, which I hadn't been using for more than a year now. Last project I with EJB was still with the old EJB 2 spec (in which xdoclet is a pre-requisite to be be bearable). Also curious how it was architectured, and how it compares to the domain model driven design I had been using of late.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Liferay - Home

I had enough of Infoglue and so I asked the lazy web once again for an opensource cms solution for my project. Primarily because I was trying the hibernate/postgresl version. Am currently not in the mood to debug the thingy just to make it run.

Liferay seems fun! And it even has a few themes. That would help a lot for backend developers like me who doesn't have the artistic skills to make a masterpiece out of blank HTML.

Here's to hoping Liferay and me would get along just fine. Its also a good excuse to dive into the Portlet API (JSR-168) specification.

Here we go again.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Interactive Earth: Download Shape2Earth Beta 2

Got a couple of PH related shapefiles at home. Could be a nice after work hobby project. Except ironically it will only run on windows. Although MapWindow GIS is opensource. Hmmmn... Seems to be requiring dotnet 2.0 sdk too.

What I don't have is a windows installation. Bummer. Got to find the installer that came with the lappy. Its burried neath' those Ubuntu/FreeBSD CD's last time I checked. heh.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

JAJAH - web-activated telephony

Good friend winston in HK notified me of this free 5 minutes call without registration. According to him works as advertised. Hmmmmn... This smells like skype killer-ish.

And I like the tag line "FREE.YOUR.VOICE".

Shiny! home

Oh yeah. Version 3.2 seems a tad more snappier on the mac than the previous version.

Updated my Eclipse Vi plugin and life is again sweet. Satokar your the man!


Sometimes you can't help but feel sad when some people draw conclusions without really knowing the root of the problem.

Last week was all about perceptions and growing a few white hairs due to incompetence. Some people really can't get a clue as to where my kindness ends and my limited patience for incompetence and unprofesionalism begins.

Oh well, its a monday. Here's to hoping no major WTF's these week.

Huzahhh... Goos fraba fraba...