Saturday, September 01, 2007

PSP still rocking...

Just tried the freeware PSPTube app by a Japanese developer. This is so shiny!

Now I can watch transformer re-runs on the PSP via youtube. My kids are also loving the fact that they can also watch Barney shows hosted on you tube.

This makes the PSP a better value against the iPod. Aside from the awesome games, you can catch up on your RSS feeds (via google reader mobile edition), play music, play movies, and now stream you tube videos directly!

Now if only this thing could also read PDF's.

nostalgic nox
- The old megatron looks so frackin' lame as an oversized pistol.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Life Quickies

- Some frustrations at work. The frackin' code base needs tons of refactoring love. But the fracking T's (SAT, UAT, etc.) are a few weeks away.
- Still so many books to read. So little time.
- Education here in KL is really expensive. International schools that is. Hope its worth every penny. Need to start saving for the next school year and finally decide where my kids will study here or there back home.