Wednesday, April 04, 2007

What's the stitch?

Some recent facts of life:
- I live on the 13th floor.
- Apparently, the number 14 is the one considered unlucky here. So instead of 14th floor you have 13A instead.
- My flatmate is a kind indian whom I until now I'm having trouble remembering and pronouncing his name.
- I need to improve my communication skills. Time to twist my tounge for pronounciations and a slightly modulated voice.
- I have to change my perspective on how to code things. Am used to fast and efficient. But now, the game is steady and stable.
- I have to keep reminding my self of modularization. Focusing on one part/tier of a system alone. I should lessen the entire-lifecycle super developer mentality so common back home.
- I have to appriacte swing. For all its shams and broken dreams, Swing is a fact of Java life.
- I escaped swing by accidentally blurting out hibernate and spring during a team conference. Now I have to defend why spring is needed and that hibernate is optional. I hope I win this framework debate. I am a spring junkie, and I want my POJO's flexible enough not to depend on Hibernate alone. Just in case there are drastic changes in the ORM framework in the future.
- Can't suggest aspectj domain object dependency injection at the moment. Too cutting edge and risky if the mantra is steady and stable.
- Today am probably going to defend why DAO's have to be implemented as interfaces rather than implementations. In a scenario of steady and stable code, I wonder if my argument that DAO's should be coded as an interface so that the actual ORM implementation (Hibernate, TopLink, EJB, JDBC, etc.) would make sense.
- I miss my DSL connnection back home. My flat doesn't have broadband access so am stuck with GPRS for my internet fix.
- I miss skype.
- I definitely appreciate the Treo now more than ever. YM via GPRS is worlds apart from internationl SMS charges. I only spent about 30 pesos a day, for roughly 2 hours of YM sessions. Add to the fact I can now get my email whenever I want to. Hooray for cheap mobile data services!
- I miss my wife and kids so much.
- I wept again last night when my wife told me my son keeps on hugging my picture frame back home.
- I wept some more, when my daughter typed I miss you so much Daddy on YM.
- I wept even more when my wife told me she just finished taking a bath and all the kids are asleep. I miss the parting legs and the parting lips. I miss her whispering I love yous in my ear. I miss our conversations. I miss her explaining to me the mechanics of PBB, and which housemate deserves to stay or not. I miss hugging her for no reason anytime, anywhere just to express what words cannot. I miss listening to her hearbeat after waking up in the morning. I miss feeling the love in close proximity.

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