Friday, July 01, 2005

Planet Surfing! via Google Earth is now my new hobby!

Mother earth is really lovely...

Thursday, June 30, 2005

still playing around with Google Earth. the slick aerial view. you can't help but notice how frighteningly congested the NCR is. on another context, you realize there is so much that the earth could offer. rojan would be delighted to see this!

next stop, singapore (darn, can't find chua chu kang, i stayed there in northvale a few years back) and hk. then new zealand and canada. i'll hover thru the eiffel tower in paris and check out mount fuji in japan. what's next? hawaii? thailand? around the world in 80 seconds.

this is an armchair-aerial-traveler's dream come true.

long distance, circumstance...

bilog ang mundo!
Google Earth. download it now! prepare for an awesome jaw dropping experience!!!

pan, zoom, tilt! even elevation is included.

3d terrains!

check out mount mayon!
Wired News: Google Gets Earthy... another amazing app from google... it has a wiki like feel into it as it allows the user to add notes to locations. and of course, staying true to the google tradition, has an open architecture for the whacker (wacky hacker) in you!

i had long been a fan of location based services, imagine binding it with mobile phones! even without the ability to triangulate, just a database of cell site locations would do. when an sms is received by a CP/VAS the cell site id information is attached to it.

imagine the possibilities:
* want to know the nearest G-Cash/Smart e-money cash-in/cash-out? done (? kilometers away)
* want to know the nearest drug store? done
* want to see an aerial view of an environmental NGO's project site? done
* want an mms map of where you are? done
* want to know if your near a point of interest (POI)? done
* want to find the nearest hospital? done
* want to know if ka edong is nearby? done
* the lists goes on and on...

the POI sample above can be expanded by allowing you to make a comment on a POI (e.g. this restaurant sucks!). or just simply allows you to rate a POI. and when 90% of the mobile user phones has a camera and at least gprs wap enabled, technologies like shotcode could make things more user friendly.

another location based application would be presence initiated services. e.g. during an emergency, all persons near a vicinity gets an sms -> "calmly run for your life..."

of course some of these are already possible with the current telco locator services. but those are still too limited. there are far too many wonderful uses of mobile technology. wouldn't it be nice if those guys follow the google model?
according to Wireless Developer Network - From The Editor May 12, 2000, a local telco was using kannel to serve thousands of SMS requests per day (circa 2000).

i can't find the UCP/EMI spec anywhere, so no go whacking a home brewed java implementation. no luck on a free java library either as most of the libs out there (simplewire, jsms etc) aren't for free. so am now trying out kannel, hopefully would make things easier.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 dns seems to have propagated enough. if your a bicolano and has a blog, let me know. am trying to setup a

Not only that telecomms are not exactly developer friendly, the protocols used are different (UCP, HTTP, SMPP etc.). the likely solution is for JSR# 212 to be widely adopted. wonder how the patriot is coming along.

just another manic wednesday... oh UCP, can't you see what your doing to me (with shampoo commercial effect)?

cmon' pareng bob, sing me "no telco, no cry"...

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Monday, June 27, 2005

Sassy Lawyer's take on the political landscape of callow-politicians-ladden-philippines. recent entry on GMA's latest TV appearance and the corresponding reader comments is definitely worth reading.
Eclipse and laptop-mode:

for some reason Eclipse won't start when am on battery. i had to do a laptop-mode stop, then run eclipse, then do laptop-mode start for eclipse to run.

SJSAS on Ubuntu Hoary:

been trying to install SJSAS on ubuntu hoary. it bails out with the following error:

./sjsas_pe-8_1_01_2005Q1-linux.bin: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

cant find the proper libstdc++6.2-x on the default hoary sources. so i tried the following:

sudo ln -s

it worked... and the sjsas installation went thru.
currently looking for a free CMS. looks quite nice. also testing drupal and other java based alternatives.
and last friday we discovered a notice on our mail box informing us we have something at the post office. yes the Ubuntu Hoary cd's finally arrived! so i took a cab and went to the post office at NIA road. quite secluded and the building has seen far too many summers. the post office was charging P30.00 and additional P50.00 since it was the second notice "daw". i have no idea where the first notice went. i inquired who received the first notice and they just insisted that somebody must have received it. oh well, P80.00 ain't too bad considering the Ubuntu cd's were free courtesy of the kind folks at canonical.

so after giving away the installers to friends in a futile effort of coercing them to use a non-MS alternative, i still have 5 pcs left for the x86 platform, 2 pcs for the AMD 64 and 1 for the PPC. if anyone would want a copy and you are near the SM North Edsa area or somewhere near makati let me know.
now playing:

gotta love Mahal Kita by tropical depression and Beautiful Eyesore by Gaucho.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Sharp Zaurus in the Philippines... from fellow *BSD'er barry of UP.

nice sweet little machine... not for the practical techie juan tho. at 38k, all my pocket can say is "ouch!".

AIM grad finds micro-financing future in mobile commerce -

sikat na si pareng edwin. clap! clap! clap!

isulong ang m-commerce! freedom for CP/VAS providers!