Thursday, June 30, 2005

according to Wireless Developer Network - From The Editor May 12, 2000, a local telco was using kannel to serve thousands of SMS requests per day (circa 2000).

i can't find the UCP/EMI spec anywhere, so no go whacking a home brewed java implementation. no luck on a free java library either as most of the libs out there (simplewire, jsms etc) aren't for free. so am now trying out kannel, hopefully would make things easier.


Migs said...

Is this EMI/UCP spec still valid? Or, if it's for Globe, isn't the migration to CSP/HTTP on the way?

nox said...

yes, its CSP/HTTP for Globe nowadays. this is for the other telco.

nox said...

ey, thanks for the link to the EMI/UCP spec!