Thursday, June 30, 2005

still playing around with Google Earth. the slick aerial view. you can't help but notice how frighteningly congested the NCR is. on another context, you realize there is so much that the earth could offer. rojan would be delighted to see this!

next stop, singapore (darn, can't find chua chu kang, i stayed there in northvale a few years back) and hk. then new zealand and canada. i'll hover thru the eiffel tower in paris and check out mount fuji in japan. what's next? hawaii? thailand? around the world in 80 seconds.

this is an armchair-aerial-traveler's dream come true.

long distance, circumstance...

bilog ang mundo!

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Edwin "ka edong" said...


Sarap 'no? Amazing talaga. And Creepy! Isn't Google starting to become God?

What I find amazing too is the overlays that you could view. Like restos, shops, building etc.

Konti nalang talaga, ma-se-search na ng google ang brain ko.

Heck, they're already doing that through my Gmail!

Kitakits mamaya. Let's do something Google-errific here in the Philippines.

ka edong