Thursday, June 09, 2005

Jon Udell: language evolution in a screencast to see in action. i still dont have any use for it yet, but seems to be another slick online tool to tame the chaotic web.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

GNOME Bluetooth Control Remoto (GBTcr)... wicked! too bad my lappy doesn't have a bluetooth module. still waiting for pareng winston's advice on how much does it cost in hk as i can't find a shop that sells a dell bluetooth module here that is compatible with the 600m series.
Just finished watching The School of Rock (2003). needless to say, it rocks :D
hehe, enjoying ka edong's Technobiography: Hotspot Hunting Episodes. my oh my. getting a internet connection is rather trivial in urban areas nowadays.

waiting for episode 1...
Linux radio show - LugRadio... been listening to this whilst on the daily mrt trips. lot's of swearing, but generally entertaining and provides a way to listen to the actual voices on some of the popular persons behind open source. i particularly like the mono discussion with de icaza. insightful comments there on both the pros and cons.
Istanbul - GStreamer... great for screencasting!
gnome women... flower power!