Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The tree and the sky.

The tree and the sky.
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I am the tree,
You are the sky.
Clouds go by,
But my love won't die.

puwetik nox
-- janelletic pa rin...

Photo hacking

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In some ways digital photography is also like hacking. Like the photographers of the old days hacking film, modern photographers hack thru digital darkrooms (a.k.a. post processing on a computer).

Although my main interest is still capturing whats there (and not faking it), with minimal post processing as much as possible. That means getting the shot right in the first place and just minimal post processing afterwards. On post processing however, I do want to hack up a workflow that makes images that I capture distinctively mine. And am currently beginning to discover the advantages of shooting RAW instead of JPEG.

shutter nox
-- hacking my digital negatives...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

PicooZ RC Helicopter

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Sent by good my good friend winston, this litter bugger is really fun to fly around! Fine tuning it is a bit tricky. You have to keep the rear rotor blades perfectly aligned, else the helicopter body will also spin around. Once in flight you can use the left and right trim controls to stabilize the helicopter. The box also include a few strips of silver tape, that you stick on the front for added weight to facilitate forward flight.

What's neat is that its virtually crash proof since the body is made of styro foam and the rotors are made of flexible plastic. Another nice touch is the helicopter charges via the RC remote, so all you need is a 6 AA rechargeable batteries.

Its small enough that you can play it inside the house or and office cubicle for that matter. The blue blinking light inside the body makes it possible to fly this at night. It can also reach two stories high on an open ground. Watch out for the wind, this thing gets easily swept away.

Am 29 and I still love toys, I think thats also the reason why I love hanging out with my two kids, its a good excuse to be a kid again. :D

pilot nox
-- Flying, soaring... Happy that we could be...

Monday, January 22, 2007

Shadow, is my friend. I don't have to make ammends.

Shadow, is my friend.
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I remembered being fascinated with Peter Pan's shadow in my youth. There was a scene in the movie when Peter was trying to catch his own shadow. So last weekend while I was trying out my "home photography" experiments, I noticed my shadow just waiting there for the camera, and so I obliged and gently pressed the shutter.

shadow nox
-- shadows and shapes, make em' shake...

Sunday, January 21, 2007


You all have seen the iPhone keynote. And one to the technologies that makes it shiny, is multi-touch. Some geeky stuff here. This is what I am excited about, Apple innovating and other companies are somehow forced to follow. I smile when reading about people whining about the lack of 3G features, too early to tell if it has set the bar, yada, yada. They just don't get it.

Now to get you a more visual, hands-on experience (got this from iandexter's feed).

Imagine the impact of this technology in the future, not hard to see it implemented in laptops or on OLED displays. This will change the aging current user interfaces and will probably tickle the minds of those in the porn tech industry.

visual nox
-- touchy monday morn.