Saturday, January 15, 2005

my gulay! according to this fake pala yung last post ko... it wasn't related at al to the recent tsunami... but those creatures are real ones tho...
pictures of strange/scary looking sea creatures found by russian divers near? the tsunami sites... with all these mars explorations the earth's ocean still packs a lot of mystery to modern science...
speaking of nostalgia... i once wrote this pseudo poem at Elmo's old guestbook (kangkong series circa 98-99)...

(electric fan 1998)

ewan ko ewan mo,
pero pu!@#$!#$ ang galing mo...
mundong ibabaw,
kaligayahang malabnaw....

lol ang sabe nila,
he he he naman sa iba...
pero bakit nga ba,
kailangan pang tumawa...

wala akong masabe,
itanong mo man sa ale...
kase kahit liwanag ng buwan,
parang nde ko na rin masakyan...

saludo ako sayo tol,
ipagpatuloy parang ulol...
malupit man ang mundo,
patuloy pa rin tayong mga gago....

haha... the angst of youth... indirect results of coding in C/C++ and living amidst the virtual world of IRC's...
Peyups : Where Bright Minds Meet -> Mga Alaalang Sinusundo ng Eraserheads... no, am not from UP, tho i really wish to study there... i agree whenever i hear this band's music, auto-nostalgic mode kicks in... college days... *sigh* life goes by so fast...

Friday, January 14, 2005

Palm Infrare Wireless keyboard

Testing the borrowed palm infrared keyboard. Pretty awesome but takes a bit of getting used to. Needs more practice.

Hopefully this will inspire me to blog more often. ;-)

another blog via email test

test 1 2 3...


for the past three (3) days the bayantel dsl is awfully slow! feels slower than using dialup... their own Bandwidth Meter sites reports an average of 30 to 70 kbps... and this should be 256 or at least somewhere near that range... anyway a trouble ticket was filed and tech support promised they would come by tomorrow to check things out...

Avantgo Mini-review

Avantgo recently released a new version so last nite i decided to give it a spin. I had used avantgo in the past but find it rather slow specially if you configure it to use the memory stick as well as updating wirelessly also takes too much time since there's no option to select just the channels you would like to update. Anyway the new version has a revamped UI and added the option of selecting just the channels you want to update.

Ok, it seems the new version is a bit faster than the old one but still nowhere near the speed of good ol' plucker (still the best free mobile offline reader so far!). Also the option to selectively update your channel seems to work pretty well. One of the big difference of avantgo against plucker is its ability to render html tables exactly the way they appear on the original content. That means HBO's pda version is displayed in table format and do not become a flat list like they do in plucker.

Here's a list of channels that i subscribe to:

- CNN International
- Reuters (This is how mobile news should be presented. With pictures!)
- Inq7 (One major gripe with this channel is its rather lack of consistency. Not all the links point to a mobile version of the news. A good example is the Business section with links that point to the full page version on the main site. Gedemet! Kaya nga tinawag na mobile version eh!)
- Wired News (Full length technology related articles in )
- Quezon City Weather (Five day weather forecast courtesy of Yahoo mobile)
- Forbes
- Manila Bulletin (Kudo's to the webmasters of the mobile site. It truly contains all the news in mobile format)

All in all, it seems good enough for daily use again. Let's see...
a good friend whom i met circa 98 at then inquirer's #forum at is no back online! am a fan of this guys poetry and Humorous/sarcastic/sometimes f*** ladden articles and short stories... check this one out Too Young: The Perils of Raising a Child Wonder in the Age of Google and Rogue Asteroids...

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Palm Wireless Keyboard Mini Review

Having a palm wireless keyboard seems to inspire me to write (more like literary nonsense). I do have to set the keyboard driver to turn off after 1 minute of inactivity as it drains the battery even if the keyboard is not in use. Its powered by two triple A batteries which according to the palm site could last for about three to six months depending on usage. The layout of the keys is something that you would feel right at home if your a touch typist. The model that I have lacks the dedicated number keys on the top. The placement of the arrow keys are a bit out of place and requires a bit of practice.

With an accessory like this, a pda could really act as a laptop replacement suitable for word processing and doing emails and taking down notes. If your pda is equipped with wireless connectivity to wifi or if bundled with a phone via IR or bluetooth it becomes a highly mobile communication tool. I could also take advantage of the keyboard during those emergency ssh sessions as it makes typing at the command line an experience very similar to using a regular computer keyboard.

All in all the keyboard brings a breath of fresh air to this almost a year old clie. I have read somewhere that this keyboard is also compatible with the nokia series 60 phones and various pocket pc pda's out there, so definitely a very good gadget investment.



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Tuesday, January 11, 2005