Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sticker Happy!

Sticker Happy!
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The iBook's surface makes it rather conducive to put stickers. It can be easily removed when needed and doesn't require much effort to clean up the adhesive residue. What sucks tho, is printer ran out of ink. Well... we live to stick another day :D


Flower power eh?

For the past two weeks, I feel like a sunflower missing the sun amidst the rainy season.

Tommorow, will probably be hugging them to no end.

Yay! can't wait!

- moblogging on north bound train

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Persistent Domain Objects Pattern.


I think the DAO method is much more closer to meatspace scenarios. Assuming we have a robot factory.

Pseudo in PDO:

Robot find/get Robot123 and be that robot.

Pseudo in DAO.

RobotManager find/get Robot123 .

I think the machines responsible for finding and extracting Robots from the factory be a different entity. Its more simpler that way.

RobotManager can be an interface and might have varying implementations. This answers the need to decouple the database specific implementation.

Rapleaf -- Portable Ratings for Buyers and Sellers


Reputation server. Hmmmnnnn.

Credibility of the reputation would be rather be the hard part.