Saturday, December 09, 2006

Its the season for being happy! Because the reason is not dead nor gone!

My first take on shooting behind the window pane.

Janro fiddling with the Christmas ball.
Christmas Season 2006

Rojan doing the mannequin pose.
Christmas Season 2006

My all time favorite models. Oskosh, just in case you need one. :D
Christmas Season 2006

Merry Christmas everybody! Happy new year too!

daddy nox
- i love my kids!

Monday, December 04, 2006

YoSpace Smartphone WAP emulator

shiny piece of software! i love the emulation mode. you get to really see how your wappy looks like on pop phones.

runs fine on the bookah. albeit slow. oh well...

Monday, November 27, 2006

Firefox Vi-ish find keybinding


Just discovered using "/" would bring up the search box on firefox.


Friday, November 24, 2006

Hawak kamay...

Hawak kamay...

Loving the 50mm!

- be true to the 50, and the 50 will be true to you...

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Girl succeeds having people buy her a macbook pro!


I remember Sacha Chua also did something similar (Ad Space) on her laptop. Only this time the idea was taken further. :)

Now, should I post my bank details for "Buy Nox a Canon 5D with a 24-105L lens" campaign. I'll advertise the sponsors name on the 5D, my blog, my ibook, and if the fund is big enough to buy a macbook pro, I'll find a way to laser etch em' too.

Too bad Paypal PH doesn't offer local bank withdrawals yet, that would make things like this a tad easier for international donors.

On the other hand, funding for a Tamron 17-50mm would suffice.

dreamy nox
- Canon are you listening...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

50mm Fun!

Really loving the nifty fifty! Way sharper than the kit lens. Now if only they make something as optically as good as this, with a focal range of 17-200 with IS priced not more than $200! Then more people (consumers) can concentrate more on the art and not the tool. Wishful thinking...

Anyway, more shots of my two little kittens:

My volunteer assistant little boss/cameraman/director.
Little Director

Tag team. Yey! Rojan won and bagged a medal.
Tag Team

daddy nox
- i love my kids!

My daughter rocks! and my cam is back!

My Darling Kitten

Yesterday was good timing as Canon called to inform us that the 350D was fixed and ready for pickup. It took them 1 month to replace the sensor and a few other things. Here is to hoping that problem won't go back anytime soon. :)

Anyway, Rojan presented the "Three Litte Kittens" this at her school this morning. Wifey and I were so proud. Also got a chance to use the nifty fifty (Canon 50mm lens) and take my shot at family candids/events photography. Its a bit weird using a fixed focal length lens for this type of shoot. Quite challenging! The 50mm prime was awesome but I think I need to add one more walk-around lens with enough reach for cases where you can't go beyond set boundaries, like a school stage for example. But for portraits and low lights (school gym) wide apertures really helps. Also 50mm on a cropped sensor like the 350D is a bit short on the wide end on a crowded gym.

Time to make excuses to get the Tamron 17-50 or the Sigma 17-70. Am torn between the two. If money is not an object, the Canon 17-40L would be nice or the Canon 17-55 2.8 IS, but those are way too much for this hobby. Unless if Canon would be nice to give me one for Christmas of course. Thats shooting for the moon, hehehe, as most reviewers on the net mention that they rarely even lend one for review.

daddy nox
-proud/happy dad!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Shiny! Open source Java Rocks!

Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice!!
For now you have a choice,
yer FREE!!!

Like a bird on a tree...
Are you happy of me?

- Sun, you rock!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Picoo Z Micro RC Helicopter

This is pretty wicked! Damn Shiny!

Cost about $20-$30. Would make an awesome gift for myself my two year old boy.

Will order from a friend coming home from HK this Christmas. Dexter order na! :)

- the kid within...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Its out!

Oh yeah! As I have told a friend who bought a macbook 2 weeks ago. Wait for this since the macbook pro line was just updated, and its predictable that the macbook series will follow by year end.

As for me, bookah wookah is still ok for my development needs. Albeit slow when resin and postgres fired up together with eclipse.

Ok, ok, this is a need. Not a want.

Oh well...

- i want you... i need you...

The official PSP™(PlayStation?Portable) Website

The wifi feature and with full netfront powered browser makes titillate the geek in me. Yes it can be it can be done on the treo and with Smart's flat per minute GPRS rate, but this thing has a freakin nice screen resolution! And last but not the least can play awesome games on the go.


Kiyosaki, Kiyosaki... If I had not read that book, I would buy this thing in a jiffy. But it wouldn't hurt to receive one from dear Santa this Christmas. I wish...

On another news, the PSP3 is out. But am not much of a couch gamer. Mobility is where the future lies.

- PSP dreamin, mobile indie...

Monday, November 06, 2006

Java Persistent Objects (JPOX)

This thing is sexy. Period.

Time to blog the adventures in JDO land. One baby step at a time.

- the simpler the betterererererer...

OpenDNS | Providing A Safer And Faster DNS

Hmmmnn... Some noticeable speed bumps.

Try it out! Shiny!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Kalesa Transit

Kalesa Transit

man without a cam



The Canon 350D is undergoing sensor replacement surgery due to this annoying horizontal banding problems right smack at the center. If post processed with photoshop's unsharp mask this problem is accentuated and can be visibly seen as white lines running across the entire frame. This only happens at apertures 3 and below and iso 400 and above, so you would need a lens like the nifty fifty (Canon 50mm 1.8) to check if your sensor also exhibits the same problem.

Fortunately, the unit has local warranty. And with the kind help of tekgik at pipho was able to escalate the problem to a very helpful Canon exec. Else it might take till december for the unit's sensor to be replaced instead of a promised mid november timeframe.

- missing the sound of a clicking shutter...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

How Much Is My Blog Worth

My blog is worth $4,516.32.
How much is your blog worth?

wooooot! $4K! Thats worth a 5D, a 24-70mm and trip to HK with the family. :D :D :D

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Aspect, oh Aspect...

Not all is peachy at aspectj land.

If you are using hibernate, you are in for a nasty circular dependency surprise once you inject an object/service/dao to your domain object which has a hibernate session factory injected via spring. The session factory object tries to load your entity/domain, which will be intercepted with aspectj and try to configure using your spring configuration, which will again call on session factory....

The solution is including an unsaved-value="null" into your primary class (use xdoclet to make your life easy).

Am currently using load time weaving using the AJDT tool. And its a bit slow on bookah wookah. A much nicer/lightweight approach is to mock your objects for unit testing and use ajc on the final jar build.

Is it domain dependency injection worth the trouble? It depends, but it truly helps make your model more object oriented. Makes mapping meatspace problems easier. You could treat your domain object just like a real object.

- binding aspects to the jar output...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Allergic to annotations?

If you are like me, still allergic to annotations, but would like to inject stuff to your domain objects to keep them from becoming anemic, you cant rely on the spring docs (ATM) to give you a more simple explanation on using AspectJ for domain injection. The problem is magnified if your only use of aspects is for domain injection and nothing else (K.I.S.S. philosophy).

There is another way. You still need to download the usual AspectJ installer and the eclipse AJDT. Then create an aspectj project with a class like the code below.

package com.mobileindie.spring.utils;

import org.springframework.beans.factory.aspectj.AbstractBeanConfigurerAspect;
import org.springframework.beans.factory.wiring.ClassNameBeanWiringInfoResolver;

public aspect DomainObjectConfiguration extends AbstractBeanConfigurerAspect {

public DomainObjectConfiguration() {
setBeanWiringInfoResolver(new ClassNameBeanWiringInfoResolver());

// the creation of a new bean (any object in the domain model)
protected pointcut beanCreation(Object beanInstance) :
initialization( &&


Take note of the initialization line, this is where you define which objects you would like to inject your dependencies whenever a new instance is called. This also assumes wire by prototype mode. But the beans are configured just like a normal bean in your spring application context xml.

- ano nga ba ang aspect kung meron kang aspect?

Apple - MacBook Pro

Core 2 Duo based MacBook Pro just out!

The time has come to drool again. Imagine the boost in productivity with that machine. A core 2 duo compiling my java apps! If the current crop macbook can cut my compile time in half, imagine the speed on this sweet bugger.

Back to G4 reality.

- dreaming ang drooling...

The Aspects Blog: Tips for using Eclipse effectively


I had been using eclipse for quite a while and didn't know that there is such an option such as Fast Views, which really helps reclaim much needed screen state on my 1024x768 resolution challenged bookah wookah.

Just right click on the title bar of the view and select the Fast View. It minimizes your view to a single icon on the bottom (default). But you can place it either on the left or right portion depending on your preference.

dev nox
- hopping around...

Sunday, October 22, 2006



iPhoto Diet 3.1 - VersionTracker

Woot! Just what I need!

Need to swap the larger drive soon tho. With barely 1 gig free disk space, things are slowin. Can't give up both my music and photo collection either. Wonder if those shops are oven on tuesday...

Saturday, October 14, 2006


POJO to XML? Check. XML to POJO? Check.

Yummy clean XML generation... Whats not to love?

Spread the love...

-- still buried in the xslt regime.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Self portrait fun!

At the risk of exposing my vanity, and the limits of my creativity, my self portrait version 1...

Resized original image.

Post processed, bronzed, 50 year old shed-my-boy-next-door-image look.

I have to admit, I will still look dashing 20 years from now. Hehehehe... SpringViz

SpringViz + GraphViz = Springy-fied Diagram Titilations

Spread the love...

-- buried deep in the xslt regime...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hands-on with the Treo 680 - Engadget

And the new Treo 680 is out!

Oh well, still no wifi or confirmation of WiFi support. No 3G either.

In the Philippines, more and more people are getting hooked on using their 3G handsets as wireless conduit for internet access. Not surprising tho, since Smart 10pesos per 30mins 3G/GPRS is spot on (Globe, take a hint). At that rate, you would think twice subscribing to WiFi access like Airborne etc. I mean, you can get a prepaid smart sim and have prepaid internet access anywhere that there is a Smart signal. Speed is a bit sluggish if you are not on 3G (dial-up speed), since 3G doesn't cover the whole archipelago yet. When you are on 3G however and using a data cable, speed is somewhere between a dial-up and a low grade broadband connection. But you sure can't beat the convenience and the decent connection rate. +1 for Smart.

Globe is still stuck on the per kb pricing. Whilst handy and practical for instant messaging and quick email checking on your handset, quite unpractical if you plan to use it together with your lappy-tappy for in-the-middle-of-nowhere internet access.

Back on topic, the new Treo (or even the current Treo line) is a match for Smart's data rates. On the other hand, they should have at least included a WiFi (or at least a Wifi option) and 3G chip in there.

Oh well...

Google Maps for Treo


Although, the Philippines is limited to satellite view. No street level info yet.

Location, location, location...

- the future is mobile...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


After what seems like eternity, 2 days to be exact. I finally saw the login screen.

Thats after migrating from the old acegi 0.8x to acegi 1.x. Same concepts, different naming conventions, some bean reconfigurations. After which, I thought, why not update the spring libraries as well (circa 2005 libraries)? and why not upgrade to Hibernate3 as well? I think I accelerated the growth of my white hairs a bit. And thats coming from bed loving flu a week back.

All in all the Hibernate2 to Hibernate3 sucks the most.

Oh well...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Need to swap my 80G external hdisk to the 40G that comes with bookah. With only 2G space left, its noticeably affecting performance once the swap kicks in. That would mean a day of downtime tho, re-installing the day to day apps.

And oh, am down with the flu. Should have taken the flu shot together with the kids.

Spring 2.0!

Just noticed this now. Woot! Spring me baby!

I ditched liferay for the current project. Its nice, but unbearably slow on bookah (iBook G4), even with resin's JVM mem config cranked to the maximum. String beans is better and fits resin and glassfish like a glove. Will probably just portalize (JSR 168) the app on the next iteration. For now liferay doesn't cut it for my G4 powerpc portable dev machine, and I have no means to upgrade to a dual core macbook yet.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Post typhoon / typhoon post

Originally uploaded by nocs.
No electricity,
nothing to do.
A camera in hand,
what do you do?

Capture the expressions around the candle of course!

This is the real purpose of my DSLR, capturing time thru the lens. Am difinitely my daughters number one fan! Next task is to print this 8x10 and find a good frame. :D

Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 XR Di II Lens Review

My dream lens for the 350D. The Canon 17-55mm f/2.8 IS would be great if not for its "L" like price. I like the kit lens, but its a pain to use it when the sun is out, and I hate flash.

Santa, oh Santa...


- bitten by the photography bug

Monday, September 25, 2006

Macro fun!

Janro and I, chased a butterfly outside last saturday. 350D in hand was surprised what the kit lens and a bit of post processing can do. :D

Original Image: Colors "accurately" reproduced.

Processed image, using the "velvia film" effect by using the channel mixer in photoshop.

Next experiment is to shoot with RAW and try the picture styles in DPP.

- "yung tira ko, kit lens lang yan..." (tm)

Monday, September 18, 2006

Warm lights experiment


WB set to shade/ISO at 800.

Am still focus challenged tho. And greatly needs to improve estimating DOF to get the shots I want.

And I hate flash. Larger apertures would be nice. Except of course the hobby is at the bottom of the priority list. For the meantime, the kit lens would have to do. I just have to work within its limits.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Microfinance/M-Commerce thoughts

Been reading focus notes of a recent world bank publication listing Financial Institutions that use E-Payments to serve the poor. Particularly interested on using mobile phones as a means to carry out basic banking transactions.

Was surprised that for the Philippines we only have one entry (Rural Banks Assocations of the Philippines via Globe G-Cash?), and it was only offering one service: Payments.

Anyway, it also mentioned some reasons why potential users are cautious in using m-commerce. Nothing new here, I have mentioned this a couple times in this blog.

- Mobile banking applications are not yet inter-operable.
- Mobile phone payments may not conform to international security standards. And if I may add SMS as a basis for m-commerce transactions just doesn't cut it. Message delivery reliability issues still haunts this platform.
- For banks, a "mobile phone only" channel has not yet proved profitable. Chicken and Egg scenario here.
- Mobile phone banking may not be able to reach the most remote and poor areas. I don't see this as much of a hindrance in the Philippine setting. Rather (as I repeatedly mentioned on this blog) the lack of infrastructure for cash-to-electronic/electronic-to-cash convertions.
- Mobile phone banking may not be easy to use for illeterate and older users. True. Its a fact also that these young at heart would rather stick to tried and tested finance channels.
- Regulation surrounding mobile phone banking is not yet clear. There is no clear cut regulation yet in the Philippines. Am still confused with the whole cellco performing basic banking functions stand (Is it a bank or not?)

And only G-Cash was identified. Where is Smart Money?

Anyway am looking at this from an angle of an industry obeserver. I still lack the depth of a true blooded microfinance expert. Been itching to pursue a graduate study on microfinance, if only it wasn't that expensive!

29 and prime!

Woot! Turned 29 today!

Happy, thankful to God I have priceless companions, everyday presents that rocks my world! :D

Good times...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


"Ano ba an epekto? Kung meron kang epekto..."

Overheard thru the radio on the FX Taxi on the way to work. Coudn't remember which artist. Except that it sounds familiar to the songs in my youth. Words to live by, if I might say.

-on a northbound train

Two words...

Portlets and Photography...

That pretty much describes my day to day activities...

Still has a lot to learn.

Code lang ng code... Shoot lang ng shoot...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

Still the best web app prototyping tool!

Haven't tried Ruby on Rails yet tho.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Apple's Battery Recall

Got my brand new spankin' replacement battery courtesy of Senco (Thanks Carlos!). That was quick! Filed for replacement last August 25, and replacement arrived last August 31. Apparently, they called home last week, but our household companion wasn't able to inform us.

Anyway, they called again today and was wondering if am still interested since they need to ship back my old battery to Apple SG. I hurriedly went to the office (sprained my left ankle in the process, avoiding a puddle) and surrendered my old battery, thank them, and left smiling :D

Good times...

Can you feel the love?

Can you feel the love?

Can you feel the love?

This hobby is very addicting. Can't wait to go home and experiment. Thanks to God for giving me such lovely subjects.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Its the Indian, not the Pana

Although, at this day and age, a better Pana can compensate for the not so skilled indian. Hehehe.

Some shots to justify to my lovey that its worth it.


Rojan Pose

Janro Look

Simply because, captured moments like these are priceless. :D

Friday, September 01, 2006

Hidalgo Adventure

Currently in Hidalgo waiting for the shops to open. Hoping to take advantage of the "buena mano" factor to haggle to the last penny. Hoping mang ramon is on a good mood this morn. Hayyy...

Wish me luck. :D

Canon Digital Rebel XT 8MP Digital SLR Camera with EF-S 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 Lens (Black)

And when I dream, I dream of you...

Am bitten by the shutter bug, really hard...

The inspirational thread by John "Magic Eye" Chua, is really amplifying the desire even more...

Oh well, sabi nga doon sa thread, "Mangarap ka ng gising". Other notable quotes: "Its the indian and not the pana!". And that a photographer doesnt snap a picture, HE CREATES A PICTURE!

Dream on...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bob Dylan's iTunes Ad

Modern times for the good ol' rock fellow...

Times are indeed a-changin...

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Q&A: Linux Guns for Desktop -

This is related to the issue I had brought up with BiOS a few months back.

In order to have a more efficient advocacy, we have to think past one day affairs such as SFD's! Am not implying we don't have SFD's, am implying we should have plans/strategies aside from SFD's. Choice is good, but thats a hard sell to new users you want to entice to use FOSS.

Oh well... Moving on...

Friday, August 25, 2006



Hopefully this will drive the cost of a brand new 350D down. :D

Battery Exchange Program iBook G4 and PowerBook G4


My iBook is included in the recall. Am eligible to get a new replacement battery for my just out of warranty Bookah Wookah!

Kudos for Apple for being responsible enough. Gotta love the customer love.

Good times :D

Thursday, August 24, 2006 - Beta

Busy, busy bee...

Now on its 3rd attempt, because baby you can bet your pwet I'll do it again. :D

Madya na! Payt sana!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Why is Linux Successful?

You've got to be kidding me?

While certain factors cited there was true, I think they could have explained better.

First on the list: "overcontrol" led to BSD's fragmentation. Isn't the Linux kernel largely decided on by Linus?

Second on the list: "If Mac and Windows didn't suck, people would've used them". DiBona was flame baiting there. The real question is, if Mac and Windows are opensourced will Linux be as successful as it is today? More to the point, as of late I don't think Linux has yet dominated those pretty pie charts in terms of usage.

Hmmmnnn... Must be the weather.

MRT Quickies

Currently annoyed by:
- MRT waiting for people to pile up on the platform.
- Being duped replying to a message sent via Chikka. Cmon' how hard is it to slap a "From Chikka" string for all their outbound messages? They are capitalizing on the fact that most (all?) mobile phones use a certain number of digits to match incoming messages from your phone's address book. wonder how many users are duped everyday and the corresponding amount of transactions?

- on a northbound train

Friday, August 18, 2006 re-opened for public consumtion

Oh yeah, the age of collaboration!

Google spreadsheets and writely (acquired by google) is again making the world flatter. This means anyone with internet access and a decent web browser can avail of a an online word processsing application (can load word docs) and spreadsheet app and at the same time allow for group editing/collaboration!

This is great for 3rd world countries like the Philippines, last mile access can benefit for not having the need to purchase costly and expensive word processing application. Imagine a teacher in Bicol editing a study/research together with another teacher in Mindanao or Visayas. Heck imagine NGO's on another side of the globe collaborating with research writers in the Philippines. The possibilities are endless.

Telecommuting craze is just around the bend. :D

The network is the computer.
- Sun Microsystems

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Overview - - Mobile phone -Sony EricssonK610i?-?

Whilst paying my bill for Globe at the SM North Cyberzone we chanced upon this sweet bugger currently offered at temptingly for extension plans. We have long been planning to get an extension since its actually more practical. Just that the offered options were not too tempting.

We asked if they have one in stock and fortunately they have one, and assured we could the unit right outright if we sign up for the extension. I couldn't wipe the grin on my lovey's face. The phone was a beauty, and not as bulky-ugly as the other current crop of 3G phones. They don't have the red one in stock tho, but it seems the cover plate can be replaced in the future.

Comparing this to my old T610 back in the day, its way wicked. Built in support for RSS feeds!, working SSL enabled pop/imap client (Gmail works nicely), 2 megapixel camera (which beats the Treo 650 camera to a pulp), Flash lite support?. Will try the Yamigo/Yahoo (IMPS) interface later. Very, very light, has bluetooth and verly usable speaker phone function.

Was itching to try the video call since our apartment seems to be covered by 3G. "Seems", since we sometimes see the 3G icon, and sometimes we don't. Hope they lower data rates tho. Something like Smarts 10/30mins or lower will do :D


Originally uploaded by nocs.
It really does capture a kid's imagination. If Jolibee would only push it, I think he can be as popular worldwide as Barney.

Ah kids, gotta love em. Every drooling kiss washes away our fears and brings renewed hope for the unstoppable future.


- Singing out of tune happy birthday songs. Happy Dad. Good times. :-D

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Google Maps Flight Sim!


Was hovering above the streets of London and HK. You can also choose to navigate around the moon or mars with the little bugger.

Even the kids love it!

Whats next? The things you can do with open platforms! :D

Discovery of the week: Journler - O'Reilly Mac DevCenter Blog

Been using Journler for the past few days and in a word "ROCKS!".

Way better than my previous method of puting it in a word document and organizing via directories. With this app, you have on unified repository of your notes which can embed URLS, PDF's, regular files, pictures etc. Integration iLife makes your digital life a bit more easier. Supports keywords/tagging and allows you to blog (supports blogger/wordpress) and email from within the app. You could also insert audio (great for meetings) and video if that pleases you.

My typical usage would be in writing down notes for research, and dragging a bunch of URL's there, link related files lurking in the hard drive. After which I could now draft the formal document on another word processor. The Journler fits this workflow perfectly and allows you one stop flexible repository of notes.

I seem to notice that the Mac community has a lot of high quality GTD-ish and digital life organizing apps. Most of them free! The high level of integration between apps is also quite noticeable. All in all helping a lot in the productivity department.

And before I forget, Journler is donationware!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Apple - Apple - Mac OS X - Leopard Sneak Peek - iChat

And oh, I like the new iChat theatre feature too. No not the philandering background feature (hehe). Rather the one that allows you to show your presentation. That would be great for "distant teaching" (tm). Or doing remote presentations for that matter. You can also use it ala VNC (screen sharing), and remotely control another mac while perhaps guiding the other person on the other end of the conversation.

Another shiny tool in making the world flat!

Live from WWDC 2006: Steve Jobs keynote - Engadget

Thats it folks!

Keynote over.

Things I liked in the upcoming Leopard! (sneak peak)

- Time Machine: Automatic incremental backups for dummies.
- Spaces: Virtual workspaces at last! No need to envy X11/Xorg window managers.
- Widget toolkits: Drag and drop widget creation.

And yeah! Macpro! Drool on... Dream on...


VMware announces Mac client!


I hope it supports the PPC architecture.

Btw, WWDC in a few hours! Hasta La Vista? Could it be??? What is Steve up to this time? Your guess is as good as mine. :)

Chaaiirrrssss!!! I would like some pop corn too.

Testing Journler


If you need to pass special options to Java, please set the resin3_flags option
in /etc/rc.conf, see examples below:

# Prevent Java from opening an X11 display


# Increase memory limit of the Java virtual machine

resin3_flags="-Xms32m -Xmx256m"

# Run Java with remote debugging turned on on port 8000

resin3_flags="-Xdebug -Xnoagent

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Mayon eruption %u2018imminent,%u2019 over 70,000 face evacuation -

Alert Level 4!

Worried at my folks in Legaspi and my in-laws in Ligao. Hope it doesn't do much damage. But the danger is real, a volcano on the verge of eruption is not a tourist attraction! Just look around at the rocks/boulders scattered along Legaspi, Ligao, Camalig etc., to get a grip on how far the range of Mayon is.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Active FTPD

For the record, there is not much to love about hosting companies who stubbornly insist that their FTP daemons only function correctly if your ftp client uses the active mode. Double worse, its the only way to update the site. WTF? why not just use good ol ssh protocols if your line of reasoning is you want it to be secure. Its a a PITA for us accessing the net with a NAT gateway.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Shinnier than tho!

From the site:

Keepin' it Real: Pushing the Desktop Metaphor with Physics, Piles and the Pen

Wonder how the Java looking glass 3D desktop is coming along. With decent GPU's almost standard with any new desktop/laptop computer now, we need a new way of interacting with the desktop.


Janro has fever today, sad we couldn't do our nightly playtime bonding. Hopefully he gets well asap. Doctor also confirmed that like me, he also has asthma and adviced we buy a nebulizer. We bought one at Watsons at SM North after much deliberation which one (Sunrise or Omron) to get. We settled for the Omron due to its readily available parts and lifetime service warranty. We also noticed that it doesn't heat as much as the Sunrise branded one, so hopefully that translates to longer compressor life. Haven't used a nebulizer except the one at the hospitals. I grew up relying on disc based ventolin rotadisk most of the time, also since my asthma attacks isn't so often. Hoping Janro's asthma would still go away, or at least not the severe type.

Hopefully the fever goes away soon. The apartment ain't the same without my two kids running around.

Btw, he is turning two this coming August 12: "Mga Ninong at Ninang..."

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Life as usual goes faster than a speeding bullet.

Was happy that Janro, who will be a two year old in a few days, can now be undertood more clearly to have a real conversation. Previously we would just do baby talk coupled with hand signs and funny facial expressions.

Rojan, growing smarter each day is loving all the online games on nick jr website. Also now has an average of 4 wpm (proper typing) according to Mavis Beacon. She can do the home row keys with ease, and she's progressing to the top and bottom rows.

Managed to figure out liferay to a non-root context. The trick is to unjar portal-ejb.jar edit (portal.ctx) to your liking, then create a new portal-ejb.jar. Next edit your web.xml root path, then modify the index.xml. That should do it. Only tested this on Resin by the way, Glassfish next.

On another news, noticed that all the G-pass interfaces on Magallanes and Kamuning MRT station having a nice red X sticker on top. Bummer, was itching to try it out a while ago.

- mobloggin' on a southbound train.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Tech Perks

Am currently viewing Mt. Mayon via a live feed from a friends webcam thru Yahoo. Hope the eruption won't be as the devastating as the one that ruined the town Cagsawa.

The Philippines is flat. Shiny!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

G-Pass (mis) adventure

Saw the Globe G-Pass Ad yesterday on TV. So just a few minutes ago I asked the cashier at the MRT North vending station if I could buy one. Surprise, "hangang Cubao pa lang yon", the kind lady answered. I looked around and noticed that indeed this station doesn't have yet the G-pass interface.

That means G-pass usage is still limited, and that you can't enter on a G-pass enable station and alight at stations like MRT north station where the interface is not yet in-place.

Curious how the reloading of G-pass would be implemented. Via G-cash at the MRT stations? Or via OTA? Either way, if its going to on top of SMS infrastructure, its still bound to the issues I discussed before.

Cmon' Smart, (*hint*, *hint*, *hint*) you have the debit card-swipe thing, join the fun!

And before I forget, interface-wise, I still think Smart money has the edge over G-Cash. They are just not as aggressive on the innovation front.

- on a southbound train, daydreaming on a flat world m-conomy.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

NEC VERSA P8100 Minisite

I accompanied my neighboor to Microstation at Shangrila to help him decide what laptop to get. Along the way he told me that a just-arrived stock of NEC Versa P8100 in that store. The specs were much better than any of the current sub Php 40K laptop's he showed me before. I was even skeptical at first. Not until I saw the lappy.

The 15" screen was gorgeous! Wide screen, and was glass like. It has a DVD writer and all the ports you could wish for. It even has an SD card slot and build quality "seems" sturdy enough, not much flex on the keyboard area. No pre-loaded OS tho. Has a B/G capable built in wifi. The battery was a standard 6 cell one, which was the only one item that didn't beat the Lenovo/IBM model he canvassed (Php 36K) that included an 8 cell? battery. After inspection I found out the video chip was of the Intel kind and not the NVidia one described on the NEC site. At any rate it was still rather a good buy.

Friday, July 28, 2006

The Aquarium: GlassFish on FreeBSD

Just saw this on the Aquarium (Glassfish weblog). Kind of funny seeing my picture there. A friend of mine has commented before that from a different angle, it looks like am poking something in my nose. Hehehehe. I guess time to replace that that avatar. Makes me remember when a stranger asked me if am Weird and disorienting in some ways. :D

On the other hand, I direly need to manage my sched in order to continue with my Liferay experiments and Glassfish on the FreeBSD platform. The Liferay really just needs a few tweaks for it to use context path rather than stubbornly insisting to be on the root context. And so far the Glassfish running on FreeBSD seems to go along well like good ol' isaw and cheap red wine.


Doing a "du -sh /" on an OS X terminal forces the VM to reclaim inactive memory. Should be adding this to a crontab if not for the fact that it would make the disk spin at regular intervals. Hmmmmnnn...

Philips SHE9500

A week ago, I replaced my el-cheapo in-ear phones with a pair of Philips SHE9500 that went on sale at Astrovision at SM North (at 1.4K, formerly 1.8K). The previous in-ear I blogged before was clearly lacking in bass. Am not a bass head but the bass on that thing was really inaudible even after a week of burn in period. But what really prompted me to buy a replacement was the earbud that comes it with it was made of hard rubber that's literally intolerable for prolonged use.

Back to the Philips SHE9500, level of detail was awesome! I could clearly hear the guitar pick hit the strings as Eric Clapton does his stuff unplugged, or that chuckle at the end of Norah Jones song, or the varying delays and distortion mixed with haunting melodies of Radiohead, the exasperation in Ely Buendia's voice in Ligaya, etc. I could go on and on. The thing makes you jump with joy that you ripped your audio in higher bitrates. Added bonus, bass was tight and not wasn't exagerated at all like some drivers do.

Noise isolation was quite good. Not too sealed that you won't hear the loud honking sound of a car approaching, although I still won't recommend using it while crossing the street or driving a car. But just enough to block out street noise, or the idiot talking rather loudly on a jam-packed train.

Build quality was also decent. Not as flimsy as the Sony Fontopia models I have seen at Park Square 1. Overall am pretty happy with the in-your-ear music experience that this thing delivers.

- humming "If I could be, who you wanted... If I could be, who you wanted..." on northbound train

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Dave Birch: Upwardly mobile

I think this summarizes my thoughts on where m-commerce fits. It doesn't fit very well with face-to-face transactions. Rather, its a disruptive technology that allows an individual to participate in a FLAT WORLD ECONOMY (TM).

And what does G-Cash and Smart Money need to do in order for it to fit in a flat world economy? Or at least titilate the current generations mind to use the technology?

In some angles it already has gotten its feet wet, but really, there is no point in pursuing a lock-in model when the trend is collaboration and participation. Gone are the days that proprietary technologies are the in thing. Look around, the successful models that have the fastest adoption rate are the ones that fit in a flat world domain.

In the example given on the link above, can you guess who was trying to explain that model to a bunch of close minded cellco executives circa 2003?

The world is flat. Adapt or die.

M-Commerce Thoughts

A few things on the top of my head why m-commerce has not taken off. Remember, the current local implementations rely on SMS. That means it inherits all the characteristics of SMS.

Now, my dear gentle reader, have you ever experienced:
- The text you sent did not reach the destination.
- The text you sent did reach your destination, but was delayed by more a few minutes, or even a few hours perhaps?
- You received the same SMS message more than once? But the sender sent it only once.

Now picture those scenarios on the current m-commerce platforms. What do you do if you didn't get a confirmation from your m-commerce transaction? Will you repeat the transaction? Or will you wait for the confirmation message. Now what if you received the confirmation, but the merchant in front of you didn't? Will you force the merchant to give you the goods? Force majure, the cell tower in your area goes kaput, imagine the implications on a heavily m-commerce dependent community?

Anyway, posting my thoughts here, hoping for the lazy web to summon the collective minds of similarly interested individuals. :D

- on a northbound train

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

G-Cash [rebelpixel productions]

Nice ongoing discussion there about G-Cash and S-Money. Another one here, courtesy of the recently resurrected ka edong

I also explained this sometime ago to a chinese gentleman from a market research firm trying to find out if the model would also fit in china. I think the main barrier is the current local m-commerce platform offered by Smart and Globe are both very limiting. Not only that you can't transact from both one platform to another, but both platforms has very few applications and connections.

On the other side of the coin, this is m-commerce, and there is more than meets the eye regarding the security considerations that goes with this kind of systems. Inter-operability is both a blessing and a curse depending on which side peg your question.

- And everybody's shouting. "Which side are you on?"


And I hereby quote:

"People will punch thru any technological barrier, if there is a real carrot at the end of that stick."

- listening to Fake Plastic Trees on a southbound train.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Snapshots of life

Snapshots of life
Originally uploaded by nocs.
It seems just like yesterday when they were still babies. Sigh...

OTOH, I direly need a better digital camera. Dear Santa...

Test blog, 1 2 tres...

I had posted 3 quickies since my last post but none seems to have successfully penetrated blogger.

Oh well back to the inevitable irony of power outages. One of the servers am maintaining currently co-located at EV1, got hit a by a mere seconds power outage and refuses to go back online since yesterday. And due to the event, remote KVM's are pretty scarce and the support guys on the other end won't give a clue how far am I in the queue.

There goes my weekend. :((

Saturday, July 22, 2006

17 dead, 106 injured as quake rocks southwest China -

There seems to be a lot of natural calamities lately. Mother Earth seems to be a bit pissed off nowadays.

Seriously, global warming and other environmental issues should start getting attention and action as of yesterday. Its unlikely that we can re-locate to a galaxy far away at the moment.

Yes we geeks should care about the environment. Simply because the world looks good in green.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Akamaru Dock for linux

Akamaru is a simple, but fun, physics engine prototype. It's named after the super awesome ninja dog, Akamaru, from the Naruto anime and based on the article Advanced Character Physics by Thomas Jakobsen on Verlet integration.

Pretty fun and shiny! Another nice justification to those idle GPU's.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Gizmo %u2013 A free phone for your computer - Learn More Overview


More countries listed than Skype.

Still trying to figure out the viable business model. But hey, this is frackin' shiny!

But before you wet your pants, not surprisingly the Philippines is not on the list.

But if you have OFW's/Friends/Family members on those countries listed then you can call them for free. I wonder if that constitutes an operator bypass? And if this is similar to Skype which restricts the service to chosen countries. At any rate, this is based on top of the net infrastructure, so there are ways to route your packets.

VOIP is an emerging tool in making the world flat! Definitely, something that could bring a smile to Thomas Friedman. :D

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Spring Beans

Stumbled upon this one while on browsing thru the liferay forums. Seems to have less fat than liferay and doesn't have a complicated installation procedure. Will give this a spin.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

glassfish: Quick Start Guide

another quickie on this glassfish freebsd combo:

the slick web based admin gui tool works like a charm. got reminded again how spartan the resin am accustomed to compared to to SJSAS. :D

as FreeBSD is not officially supported by glassfish, am really just surprised it worked. was worried since I spotted a few .so files unpacked, JNI dependencies perhaps. anyway lets see where this goes.

glassfish: Quick Start Guide


managed to run glassfish on top of FreeBSD 6 using the mac os x binary. tested the main page and it does seem to work. not surprisingly since os x userland is based on FreeBSD also. however, haven't tested yet the other glassfish components. if its 100% java and doesnt do jni calls, it just might hum along properly. will try installing liferay on top of this setup and hoping it performance would be a bit better than my earlier G4 experience.

Liferay Forums

Finally managed to setup liferay on bookah. I must say am really impressed with the polish of the UI. AJAX-ish and even has a cute analog clock. Major gripe was the default war file which has a hard coded context so you are forced to set it up on the ROOT if you are using resin.

On the other hand, its a bit slow on a G4 iBook, even the 1.5G of ram didn't help. Will try it on the Glassfish and SJAS 8 and see if there are noticeable speed improvements on the same machine.

Will try my luck running it on my FreeBSD 6.1 home machine (pikah). Specially, since I managed to squeeze some time a few hours ago to setup the brand spanking new (an offshoot of thee free distribution license recently granted by Sun) diablo jdk (1.5).

Next step is to learn the portlet specification. Liferay is also EJB-ish, which I hadn't been using for more than a year now. Last project I with EJB was still with the old EJB 2 spec (in which xdoclet is a pre-requisite to be be bearable). Also curious how it was architectured, and how it compares to the domain model driven design I had been using of late.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Liferay - Home

I had enough of Infoglue and so I asked the lazy web once again for an opensource cms solution for my project. Primarily because I was trying the hibernate/postgresl version. Am currently not in the mood to debug the thingy just to make it run.

Liferay seems fun! And it even has a few themes. That would help a lot for backend developers like me who doesn't have the artistic skills to make a masterpiece out of blank HTML.

Here's to hoping Liferay and me would get along just fine. Its also a good excuse to dive into the Portlet API (JSR-168) specification.

Here we go again.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Interactive Earth: Download Shape2Earth Beta 2

Got a couple of PH related shapefiles at home. Could be a nice after work hobby project. Except ironically it will only run on windows. Although MapWindow GIS is opensource. Hmmmn... Seems to be requiring dotnet 2.0 sdk too.

What I don't have is a windows installation. Bummer. Got to find the installer that came with the lappy. Its burried neath' those Ubuntu/FreeBSD CD's last time I checked. heh.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

JAJAH - web-activated telephony

Good friend winston in HK notified me of this free 5 minutes call without registration. According to him works as advertised. Hmmmmn... This smells like skype killer-ish.

And I like the tag line "FREE.YOUR.VOICE".

Shiny! home

Oh yeah. Version 3.2 seems a tad more snappier on the mac than the previous version.

Updated my Eclipse Vi plugin and life is again sweet. Satokar your the man!


Sometimes you can't help but feel sad when some people draw conclusions without really knowing the root of the problem.

Last week was all about perceptions and growing a few white hairs due to incompetence. Some people really can't get a clue as to where my kindness ends and my limited patience for incompetence and unprofesionalism begins.

Oh well, its a monday. Here's to hoping no major WTF's these week.

Huzahhh... Goos fraba fraba...

Saturday, July 08, 2006

In-ear for cheapskates

In-ear for cheapskates
Originally uploaded by nocs.
Yesterday, I was lamenting that my Treo earphones broke. And even asked the lazy web what would be an inexpensive in-ear alternative aw my ears weren't designed for regular earphone designs (i lack a docking station). The cheapest would be the hard to find Sony Fontopia EX71 (street price 2k - 2.8K) or the readily available Philips SHE9501 (street price 1.4K - 1.7K). Now, even at that price, it would still have a hard time convincing my budget conscious wife.

Now whilst wandering around Circle C waiting for the girls having their hair trimmed, I stumbled upon this in-ear with a brand-i-dont-know-because-its-written-in-frackin-whatever. I asked for the price and the kind sales lady said it can be had for 300 pesos only! And I could test drive it! (yucky I know, this being in-ear-shove-it-in-your-ear-canal design). And so I tested it and it sounds quite good. Way better than my previous earphone. And so I put on my cutest smile and haggled till the mesmerized sales lady finally agreed to sell it for 200 pesos. Now at that price, I won't be required to undergo the justification process.

One major gripe tho is that it only comes with one size earbud. And it doesn't come with a spare pair. Other than that, its sweet music.


- rockin in Circle C

Thursday, July 06, 2006 - Sony MDR-EX71SL Earphone

Frack! My good ol' SE 2-in-1 earphones just broke. Right earphone doesn't work anymore. And since its an old model, stores don't carry it anymore, sigh, that was a steal for P400 bucks. Although apparently, Norah Jones voice and other jazz type music pushes the poor thing to the limit, complains in the form of crackling noise.

And so I asked the lazy web which in-ear noise isolating earbud is best for a cheapskate like me?

And thus it answered.

This seems to be the most practical, quality, best bang for the buck, in-ear for the moment. Its also getting good reviews. The only problem is where to find it locally. Sincerely hoping that its priced closer to reality.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Java Practices: Immutable objects

Defensive copying. Just like defensive driving, can save you from a major head break.

You really have to stick this in your head. Parameters being passed or returned from methods. Else you suddenly have unpredictable objects acting more strangely than the last zombies from the resident evil movie.

There is a big difference between:

public Date getDateOfDiscovery() {
return new Date(fDateOfDiscovery.getTime());

and the wimpy version of above:

public Date getDateOfDiscovery() {
return fDateOfDiscovery.getTime();

And likewise should always remember that "setters are evil (tm)".


You have a domain object named account. And naturally you want to do insert some good old strategy pattern to implement the behaviour of your debit method. So that you have:


Which encapsulates all the technical wizardry known to man to securely do a debit transaction. After which, it stores it to a transaction table associated to your account object.

Now if you have a setter for that transaction table like:

account.setTransactions(Set _transactions).

The crooked descendant of green lantern coder can just as easily do something with the transactions table without going thru the carefully crafted debit function mentioned previously.

So thats our lesson for today, Defensive Copying, and Setters are Evil.

- (bitten by the un-defensive copying bug...)

WriteRoom | Hog Bay Software

When you are a writer and you just dont have enough will power to fight back procastination. then Writeroom just might be the tool you are looking for.

Distraction free writing. For developers, distractiong free code writing. Although this Writeroom app isn't that suitable for code writing. A full screen terminal with Vi is a handy substitue.

Nowadays, I too try to to turn off all apps not needed to do the task at hand. Unitasking sometimes helps a lot in getting things done (GTD).

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Google Checkout Tour

I remembered blogging something is bound to dominate the e/m-commerce space.

Oh well, here comes google checkout!

Wonder if it accepts credit cards from the Philippines? Will it be the end of Paypal? or like Visa and Mastercard co-exist peacefully?

Exciting times to be in the e/m-commerce industry!

And for cellco's out there, I kid you not, the next wave is on the data highway. Start offering practical data plans!

Its not in the box, its in the band baby...

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Yahoo! Messenger for Mac

probably long overdue.

but hey, this new yahoo messenger mac client is pretty shiny!

First night of SCJP review thoughts

It seems to be a bunch of lively and jolly folks. Kudos to the O & B team led by Charo, Calen, Ealden and Owie for organizing the review. Looking forward for the next review session.

As I have said during the initial getting to know part, its more of the curiosity that drives me to try to take an SCJP exam. Passing the exam would be an added bonus and needless to say, justify the pocket pain inducing price of the voucher (3rd world dictates that you should make every penny count). Here's to hoping I do pass, as the O & B folks were telling us that most Java developers already doing software development had statistically lower passing average than those greenhorns fresh from learning Java as a language. Emphasis on Java as a language, as opposed to Java as a developer tool. Anyway, at the end of the day, its the journey and not the destination thingy.

On the other hand, I think we took the long way back, took more or less 30 minutes to get to the Ayala MRT station. Something the treadmill back home would probably be jealous. Will try the Pasong Tamo-Magallanes route next time. Else, not only do we get to review the syntactical beauty of the Java 1.5 specs, we also get to loose a handful of pounds (baby fats) in the process.

Waiting neath the gloomy sky

With a cup of rice, a handful of tocino bits and sunny side up fried egg (rare) and last but not the least a cup of coffee.

Will pass time before the review starts. Meanwhile, its chow time.

- somewhere in salcedo street.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Skype - The whole world can talk for free.

On another note, a co-worker of mine as well as my loving wife got an email from skype announcing a free 60 minute call added to their account. We tried it and called a relative on a cellphone in bicol. It worked! although predictably just a few minutes (5 minutes i think). Obviously the 60 minute applies to calls made to the US and other VOIP friendly teritorries.

Some observations on this Skype out thingy:
1. The call made to a landline (Digitel) in Bicol was a bit garbled, and delayed. You have to do the walky-talky talk in order for you to understand each other.

2. The call made to the cellphone (Globe) was a bit better, and was just like a regular cell phone to cell phone call. We could even hear those tricycles whizzing in the background.

Anyway, it was fun while it lasted. Nothing beats free. Hopefully Skype will soon let you call any landline for free, just like what they are doing now for the US and Canadian teritorries.

Time to go to bed. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

New GPRS rates

Am probably the last one to know, a friend of mine who recently got a treo told me that Smart is now currently charging 10 per 30 minutes of GPRS use.

This makes loggin on the internet via Smart prepaid SIM a bit more practical. Assuming of course that you don't get disconnected often, as each reconnection would reset your usage and you will be charged 10 pesos per 30 minutes again.

Hopefully Globe would introduce a counter scheme asap.

If the cellco's still don't get it, the next big cashcows will be killer apps that rides on the data pipe. Put your data rates down, and let em rip.

- looking for a hand me down Smart prepaid SIM

Back to Basics

Tom will be the start of the free SCJP review offered by the good folks at Orange and Bronze. Looking forward to rattle my brain and meet new friends.

Might be nice to blog about this review thingy. Hmmmnnn...

Metro Manila Makeover: Naga 3D

Way Cool!

Naga in 3D!

Google is pretty shiny! for opening their products for end user hacking.

Mauragon ining mga kahimanwa na nag-gibo kaini! Saludo akong marhay!

Talented Bicolanos now on the rise!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Mike Dunn's Weblog

For the sake of making my domain model richer, I hereby succumb to the convenience brought by DependencyInjectionInterceptorFactoryBean. This doesn't address new objects not fetched from the database. My workaround is to add a newInstance method in the DAO. The newInstance just calls in the same bean that all objects taken from the database used.

for example:
newInstance() {
return ServiceLocator.getImpl("Instance");

This requires getting your hands dirty with spring framework CVS as this code currently lives only in the sandbox. And yes, this interceptor relies on springs autowire capability, keep that in mind when naming those beans to be injected into your domain object.

Anyway, if you still want rich domain models but don't want AOP or Dependency Injection via an interceptor, there's always a Service Locator pattern to save your day.

for example:

domainOjbect.doSomething() {
iShouldBeAutoInjectedService = ServiceLocator.getImpl("SpringDefinedBean");


Be wary, that this somehow makes your domain object dependent on service locators. This also works well at scenarios where the auto injected service needs to be defined only during deployment time. Whether or not that is good thing, YMMV.

Why do you need rich domain models? Well, it just goes back to the aim of OOP. Objects that pretty much can do things by themselves. Rich domain objects helps a lot in mapping the meatspace domain problem to your application. It also allows your domain model POJO's to naturally follow design patterns principles, since it is now more than just a bunch of getter and setter methods to access a database fields (a.k.a. anemic domain model). You can inject stuff that allows you to add behaviour to your objects.

Friday, June 16, 2006

The Gadgeteer - Sony Vaio VGN-UX50 uPC

Sexy device!

Its screaming for a better interface tho. Should have a more PDA or Front Row like interface.

That said, wouldn't mind Santa dropping one the chimney.

- got to have a chimney first...

Just Another Blog: Dependency Injection OR Service Locator in Domain Objects
with Spring and Hibernate frameworks

This probably summarizes one of the nagging problems of making your domain objects rich.

Coming from a C/C++ background, one of the things that I missed when I started doing business applications in Java (or any business type application for that matter) is the richness of object oriented programming. Objects are lively, as in the case of a point object where you can "tell" it to move via point.move(x,y).

For business domain objects like an account for example, I would like it to be able to tell it to debit an amount via account.debit(amount). This doesn't come naturally for these types of applications since when they are revived from storage they only contain data.

For now, I do the "assembling" in the DAO objects and create new objects via an ImplementationLocator, which is basically a service locator that uses spring underneath. e.g. for the account DO, ImplLocator.getImpl("Account").

Hopefully in the future there would be a more natural way of doing this. Am still skeptical with AOP.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Setting up an iTunes server in FreeBSD




although in the end i settled for mt-daapd. even the album art and equalizer settings are retained.

this could increase my free disk space by a good margin. yay!

don't know why...
- (Norah Jones streamin' via mt-daapd)

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Google Video Player Download


Thanks google!

Love, is you.

Love, is you.
Originally uploaded by nocs.
Love is real, real is love...

I think its time the whole world wide web to know how much I love you.

You may never read my blog, but the fact still remains.

No amount of technology can measure my love for you in its purest form.

You alone can stare right thru my soul.

You alone can inspire the geek in me.

You alone can bring immense joy to me and our two bundles of joy.

Love, is you.


- janelletic

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

:: haraya project ::

a good friend way back the PDI #forum days, is now into context analysis of filipino poems thru his hiraya project. actually its more than context analysis he is after, more like finding where local poets get their out of this world inspirations thru mind numbing lexical algorithms.

what boggles the mind tho, is that "libog" is not on the list. "laman" is at the bottom.

WTF is wrong with our current local poets today?

Freud would not be so proud.

Monday, June 05, 2006

I like the author mentioning he has no need of video and photo editing/management among other things, as the reason he switched from OS X to a pure Linux setup for his Powerbook.

Makes me wonder if he has a life? I mean at this day and age if video and photo management isn't part of your digital life (add the proliferation of mobile devices with photo and video capabilities) then you should seriously consider having one. If I have to prioritize the data on my hard drive, those home made videos and every day photos certainly is on the top of the list.

Anyway, the article is not an "effective way" to advocate the linux desktop to a mass audience. In fairness, it didn't claim to be one.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

X-Men 3

Off to watch X-Men 3 with the whole family!

-Good times! :D

Thursday, June 01, 2006

F/OSS Thoughts

Found this in my looney bin. A couple of weeks old but posting it here for future reference. Bookmarking or taking a snapshot of my mind to review a year (or years) after for those Back to the Future (tm) moments :D.

On F/OSS Advocacy:

Advocating FOSS arrogantly  as something so technically superior than commercial alternatives is idealism on the wrong side of the coin. This might work in geek circles, but is not the nicest or effective way of reaching a broader audience.

Not minding existing solutions is bad too. The way some FOSS projects is headed, humbly acknowledging and learning from existing solutions is a great leap forward wider FOSS adoption. Technologies such as Cairo, XGL/Compiz, etc., are just a taste of things to come. The FOSS desktop is finally maturing to the point of mass usability. On the server space, we see efforts to simplify administration, this is an era where we see more focus on automation, tuning and monitoring. A good example would be to see recent developments of Theo's OpenBSD gang and FreeBSD dtrace port. 

Look at OS X, *lots* of FOSS components in there. An interface that even Grandma can use, yet pop the hood and you have something there to titillate the geek in  you. Recent FOSS desktop developments acknowledges this facts, clearly seeing the value of hiding the technical mojo from the casual user, and yet still have the terminal in case the user wants to get down and dirty to expand his horizon.

Technical superiority alone is not an effective marketing tactic. There is more to FOSS than technical superiority. 

Monday, May 29, 2006 - Mobile Web Server

Excitingggggg times!!!

What does this mean? Mobile devices can now be reached via URL! It doesn't matter which network it belongs. The device is now part of web!

Do you wanna??? Do you wanna???

Imagine the possibilities! Doing and http post/get on the device via its url and sending data to the application on the device.

Good times to be in the mobile industry.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Team Building

Back from our team building session held in Antipolo's Camp Explore at Mount Puro. Really, REALLY nice place. You sleep among the trees. Our cabin was at the level of the trees and designed with lots of open spaces. Air flows freely at its spacious loft and food served was again really good!

I realized that one of the best things that team building sessions can bring is that it makes the facilitators state the obvious in a manner that all you won't get offended. Its quite different when its you or your colleague explaining the same things to you. There is often personal friction involved if say you try to mention to your co-worker the value of teamwork, or trust and all the other basic things that makes a high performing team.

The place was really awesome. Hope I can have the same haven when my life is nearing the sunset. That would be a nice place to spend your not so tender years.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

BSD News

Hooray! DTrace for FreeBSD port now working!

This just made my day!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

TNPI - Do it Yourself .mac v2

Should find time to do this hack one of these days. Another alternative could be iFolder, but it still has no running port yet on FreeBSD. Besides, iDisk is relatively sweet and nicely integrated with the rest of OS X apps.

Find, find time...
Forever, would be fine...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

OLPC - a photoset on Flickr

Sweet! Hopefully this thing also gets to our local countryside. Hoping too, that it certainly brings one of the greatest equalizer of modern times (the internet) to areas that need it the most.

And its running a stripped down FC5. Shiny!

Apple - Nike iPod

Shiny! shoes. It that kind of gear doesn't inspire you to run, nothing else will. hehehe.

Mailling List annoyance

Subscribed to PLUG a few weeks ago to get the feel of the local linux community. As with other local ML you can't help but notice members of the list posting with half a page worth of signature attached to their post. You would mildly understand if this are just the usual quotes or PGP keys. But it boggles the mind why some have to include half a dozen of the internet domains they are affiliated with. Worse, each domain includes its own tag line, motto, etc., whatever. And thats not even mentioning untrimmed replies :(

Hopefully these type of posters will be considerate enough in the future to think about us digest mode loving peeps.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Commercials, Piolo and Me

Overheard during a commercial break.

Me: "Kahit ganyan lang na katawan, ok na sa akin".

Wifey: "Marami ka pang bigas na aalisin".

Seriously needing an exercise routine hacked into my sedentary meatspace world. Anybody selling a rather unused good quality treadmill? The last time I jogged around the village involved a scary encounter with a bunch of malnourished four legged mammals. Clearly, not the type I would consider as my best friend.

YouTube - Fast OS Switching on MacBook

OS X, Windows and Ubuntu YouTube Video. Check out the "switching" action. Man! Those new mactels are looking rather sweet and rockingly handsome, performance wise!

Oh Santa, I promise to be really nice this year. A MacBook Pro or a MacBook (black if possible) will really make a nice Christmas gift. :D

Friday, May 19, 2006

myGlobe - Configuration Guides

Finally was able to figure out the right WAP proxy settings for Globe so that I can test our WAP apps on my Treo, instead of annoying someone elses phone. The one mentioned on the Globe site configuration guide has the wrong port for WAP.

Use instead this:
Proxy Address:
Port: 8080

Yes, you can browse wap sites using the Globe Internet settings on the treo but has two issues:

1. You are charged via the regular GPRS rates of 0.25/kb. Unlike WAP over GPRS which is currently at 0.15/kb.

2. Your application on the other end would not get the phone number of the user accessing your WAP app. Not an issue if you are just displaying content, but really handy if you are doing customized apps (you want to store user preferences for this type of apps).

Oh the things you can do with WAP. It might not be suitable for "masa" type apps where SMS is still the medium of choice. But rockingly awesome for mobile to machine (M2M) applications. Added bonus, most mobile phones of late (even the inexpensive ones) are GPRS and WAP enabled at the very least.

Another bonus, WAP is capable of displaying images like a barcode that can be read by other machines. Independently mobile ideas for the mobile indie in you. :D

- am WAP'ed and am happy...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Google Web Toolkit - Build AJAX apps in the Java language

Way to go Google! Shiny!

That's love, developer love... :D

I spoke too soon. Windows and Linux only. Nothing for Steve Job's fanboys. Not happy.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Java Now Redistributable by Distros; Sun to Open Source Java -

This is good news! F/OSS distros can now bundle the JDK!

It just keeps getting better. :D

Apple - MacBook

WOW! Just one word. WOW!

Dual core, glossy wide screen, mag safe, iSight, remote, to name a few. This is digital mobile nirvana. And finally a black version is available!

Price is not bad either. PC laptops on that range doesn't even compare. OS X and that kind of hardware at that price is unbeatable.

Anyone wants to buy a less than a year old 12" iBook G4 1.33ghz?

Shame on you Apple for creating such a thing of beauty and tormenting previous model owners.

Monday, May 15, 2006

screen - The Terminal Multiplexer

Spoiled by the Gnome Terminal application's tabbed shells, I was looking for a similar terminal with support for tabs on OS X. The default doesn't support tabs. A friend adviced using iTerm, but found it rather slow and unresponsive.

So back to tab-less Then I remembered this command line gem called "screen" which I used a while back before being addicted to Gnome Term. It lets you multiplex your terminal, giving you the same tab functionality within a single terminal session.

Happy screen multiplexing. Because in the age of enevitable multitasking, life needs more than one active terminal session. :D

jkOnTheRun: More Sony UX pics

Sexy and shiny!

Nicer still if it runs on an open source OS like maemo. :D

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Monday Blues

Frack! I feel light headed. I should remind myself not to drink green tea at 12am . Else be subjected to that weird feeling when your body is dead tired, your eyes shut but your mind still trying to map out meatspace problems to their domain model counterpart. Worse, its automatically refactoring the damn domain model to manageable design patterns.

- mobloggin' on a southbound train. exquisite headeache seeping thru my sleep deprived brain.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sticker Happy!

Sticker Happy!
Originally uploaded by nocs.
The iBook's surface makes it rather conducive to put stickers. It can be easily removed when needed and doesn't require much effort to clean up the adhesive residue. What sucks tho, is printer ran out of ink. Well... we live to stick another day :D


Flower power eh?

For the past two weeks, I feel like a sunflower missing the sun amidst the rainy season.

Tommorow, will probably be hugging them to no end.

Yay! can't wait!

- moblogging on north bound train

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Persistent Domain Objects Pattern.


I think the DAO method is much more closer to meatspace scenarios. Assuming we have a robot factory.

Pseudo in PDO:

Robot find/get Robot123 and be that robot.

Pseudo in DAO.

RobotManager find/get Robot123 .

I think the machines responsible for finding and extracting Robots from the factory be a different entity. Its more simpler that way.

RobotManager can be an interface and might have varying implementations. This answers the need to decouple the database specific implementation.

Rapleaf -- Portable Ratings for Buyers and Sellers


Reputation server. Hmmmnnnn.

Credibility of the reputation would be rather be the hard part.

Friday, May 05, 2006

iPod-ish whirpool washing machine

iPod-ish whirpool washing machine
Originally uploaded by nocs.
Since the family is still enjoying the mildly cooler weather of Bicol, I'm left to take care of myself here in Manila. For the past few days am really appreciating the simplicity of this washing machine. Unlike most automatic washing machines which tend to have a number of variable settings for speed, time, etc., complete with LCD's and ability to program your own washing routine, this whirpool model only consist of three big buttons and four led indicators. The three buttons are bred for a simple purpose: power, fast forward, and water level (full or half, default is full). For the most part you just toss your laundry inside, connect the water hose, add some detergents, put ample amounts of liquid softener and press the power button. The machine, soaks, wash, rinse and dries (you can fast forward to a phase using the other button mentioned above) your laundry without any fuss. I do the this before I go to bed at night and collect the clothes the following morning, sweetly ready for ironing.

And yet, behind the simple interface, make no mistake, its a damn effective machine. Its innovative design gracefully mimics washing the laundry by hand. Using a counter rotor pole at the middle, it emulates the technique of using friction to clean your clothes, just like manual handwash.

The point is, as nerdy as I maybe, loving the complexity of the enevitable tech driven lifestyle in the office, at the end of the day, I just want my washing machine to work effectively without me reading the user manual from time to time. Shift that perspective to the majority of computer users (obviously the non-techie outnumber the geeks greatly), they just want their computers to work and would love if they can simply do it without much fuss. After all, for most of them computers are just tools to help with their jobs. They would rather spend more time focusing on their primary job functions, than the complexity of the technology.

Tech shouldn't get in the way. Specially on laundry days. :-D

- treonox

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

village idiot savant: Unexpected conversation with Mom

Way to go. Pretty shiny! I like the "kid tested, mother approved part". :D

This is the opportunity for FOSS to really accelerate adoption. We now have the means to conquer the newbie walls. Unlike uhm, my floppy based encounters during the tender years.

As long as we don't have much of arrogant, out-of-sync-with-reality FOSS advocates to ruin the momentum, were in pretty good shape.

lawnormscode ? Blog Archive ? Freedom to Run Means Freedom from Complexity: An Argument for Running FOSS on Windows

This is highly relevant to the Simplicity vs Complexity approach in FOSS advocacy I had been talking about for the past few weeks.

Found it via slashdot. And as the poster commented, What good is good if it cannot be used? Without "simplicity" in mind by a FOSS advocate, it could easily be construed as a hard sell by the non-technical audience.

How can you effectively advocate FOSS as freedom to run a program, if the exercise of such right excludes people who do not possess high technical knowledge or advanced skills sets?

It still boggles the mind why some people really want to start an advocacy with complexity, when there is an option to use simplicity. At the extreme, its like saying that FOSS is heaven, but to the newbies mind you are showing the gates of hell. Sigh... They don't just fracking get it.

Apple - Get a Mac - Watch The TV Ads

Frackingly hilarious Mac Ads!

Check it all out, from Viruses to WSJ!

Monday, May 01, 2006


Picked this up from the PinoyJUG ML. This really drives the point home. Any developer who thinks otherwise is downright arrogant.

The best thing one can do is accept the fact, and do something about it.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

SCIFI.COM | Battlestar Galactica

Frackin' season 2 finale. This aaaaaaa fracking awesome mini-series.

Oh yeah, I guess its inherently human that most of us learn our lessons the hard way. The politics in the story reflects exactly the complexity that any government must be facing. The complexity too of human relationships is vividly depicted. Not the typical good vs. evil stereotypes we often see. The philosophical arguments are difinitely relevant, and would likely be still be true in the near future. I also think this movie would make good ol' Freud proud. :D

We are all after all still human. Or aren't we all?

Saturday, April 29, 2006

FOSS Advocacy: Idealistic vs Realistic

Nice its finally Saturday and have some time to spare to summarize my thoughts of the past days events which I haven't had the decent time to tend to. After reviewing what has transpired and was written, I think it would be best to shed some light to the matter. Not to mention a bunch of emails that I have gotten due to the write up, which goes as far as saying my views falls under "false advocacy". Good thing a good number of them was enlightened enough to see my point.

To begin with, I wouldn't go into great lengths to quote some people here. Aside from a thing called respect, I think doing that can easily be mis-construed as a personal attack. Much more name specific individuals or groups, as the aim is to constructively critique an alarmingly growing local perception or attitude in advocating FOSS. Besides, the sporadic number of white hair instances on my head reminds me that the basic principle: "Your freedom ends where my nose begins" applies very much in situations like blogs, where you are presenting your article to a public audience. In contrast to mailling lists where you are addressing the group or replying to an individual directly. While its fair to say you have the freedom to say what you want because its your blog, I guess it fairly applies when you talk about yourself. It's a different scenario when you quote other people.

Actually, its all about my ongoing observation on one of the major obstacles in widespread FOSS adoption (especially on the local scene), which is the need to enlighten the FOSS advocates themselves, that approaches/pedagogies MATTERS A LOT.

Lets brainstorm this a little. :)

The background:

Somebody communicated that there is an urgent need for a resource person for a 2 day Linux crash course. There was a suggestion that of that 2 day crash training, 1 day be spent introducing the unix shell and toolset on the premise that GNU/Linux core system is Unix. The audience/participants: selected officials from selected municipalities on a relatively agricultural region. For short, obviously the not so technically savvy. But perhaps have enough interest and willing to spend their precious time to know more about Linux.

And since from the start I had expressed my opinions to the group regarding the Simplicity vs Complexity approach in FOSS advocacy and implementation, that suggestion triggered the simpleton in me. I asked if the 1 day intro to shells or toolset would still be relevant. And explained that, would the case be that the audience are CS geeks, they might find CLI's (shells) naturally sexy. But in this case, the intended audience might find that a bit unattractive, get traumatized and probably get the wrong impression that FOSS is complicated and not meant for the non-techie specie. More so, spending a day for that, when probably just a sweep would do. And rather just spend more time on other FOSS components that would serve the audience's needs, probably currently served by commercial alternatives.

I also mentioned that this is a common mistake that I seem to observe. And that FOSS is on a state that it can be possibly used by the average user (like the target audience mentioned above). Also that it might best to show them its as easy to use as commercial alternatives.

Of course, I was just pitching in my thoughts as the event was obviously over, with the aim to have it as a suggestion to the group to take into consideration on similar events.

The rebuttal:

Not surprisingly, some did not agree on this common mistake. And pointed out that the mistake is advocating FOSS as a mere alternative. I agree on not advocating it as a "mere" alternative. I however do not agree on ignoring the fact that it is an alternative (a damn good alternative I might add). Arrogantly dismissing that the number of users whose current needs is served by commercial alternatives greatly outnumber those who are already on the FOSS pool (swimming or chillin'), greatly needs "A Grip On Reality (TM)".

Things to ponder:

WE must not forget the reason why there is a need to advocate something: We want to publicly recommend and inform other people of this thing we genuinely believe in. With that in mind you need effective strategies for your message to get thru. Yes, thats right, for greater impact and long term success the goal should be to lean on the side of effectivity rather than efficiency. And I think that focusing and taking into consideration simplicity as an advocacy strategy would be more effective than unnecessarily bringing complexity too early in the process.

Lets look at the difference between the two (effective vs efficient) thru some examples in reference to the target users mentioned above.

It would be EFFICIENT to cover just a little bit of everything of FOSS to this group of users. You discuss the plethora of available OS options, how CLI's can titillate the wet corners of the mind, the different ways applications are packaged and installed, different desktop shells (GNOME, KDE, XFCE, Enlightenment etc), the sheer power to have your own web server running on your desktop and the things you can do with it, awesome selection of programming tools etc., etc,. After all, choice is good. This is the FOSS pool, made of technically superior high tech components than your previous commercial pool, entirely different. Efficient, because you covered a lot in a relatively short period of time.

It would be EFFECTIVE on the other hand to focus more on the things that the user would care about or would serve his current needs. Capitalizing on their existing knowledge of commercial alternatives and showing them what they can do on it can also be done with FOSS components. Hopefully, in an easier more better way than the user is accustomed to. This is the FOSS pool, you can still do what you were accustomed to on your previous commercial pool, an added bonus, if you take time to learn its features (the choice is yours) you will soon discover there's a lot more you can do with this pool without your pocket screaming for pain.

In summary:

There is nothing wrong with enticing users by showing them that FOSS has its simple side too, that is not a deception. Unless the advocate feels otherwise, or deep inside he really thinks FOSS has nothing to offer. The world is complicated as it is, you cannot accelerate adoption if at the entry point, what you are showing screams of complexity. Its by no means denying the user the freedom and potential of looking within FOSS. Its about bringing FOSS to the user in the first place so that he has the opportunity to see the potential within.

Neither it is wrong to show them that FOSS is an alternative. That is accepting reality. That is being humble. FOSS was made possible by standing on the shoulders of giants, which like it or not, some of this giants are powered by the commercial sector. Zealotry and bigotry should go to /dev/null as it poses the biggest obstacle in bridging the gap between FOSS loving techies and the non-techie crowd. Hence greatly hindering adoption.

I think FOSS advocacy can be more effective if we take these things into consideration. The learning curve doesn't have to be so steep. It wouldn't hurt FOSS to make himself presentable when introducing them to newbies either. Simplicity is the key.

Friday, April 28, 2006


One of the things I realized this past few days:

Enlightening other people is really hard. Simply because some people can not tolerate the light.

Well that's reality I guess. No choice but to deal with it.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Different Worlds

Take control of your mind...
Because we are living in different worlds...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Arrived in Bicol

Arrived in Bicol
Originally uploaded by nocs.
Thanks to God we arrived safely in Bicol. Rainy weather here in contrast to Manila's scorchingly hot weather.

That was a fun trip except for the fact that the bus has weak air conditioning, and I have to fan Janro for the entire duration of the trip.

And yeah! The world looks good in green!

Bicol Here We Come!

Bicol Here We Come!
Originally uploaded by nocs.
Everybody seems excited. Natuloy din sa wakas :-D.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Isang tulog na lang...

It has been almost two years since I last visited Bicol. That is also equal to how long since I had a decent vacation. The main culprit is when I'm here in Manila, I'm having fun working, specially now that the products we developed for m-commerce a few years back (circa 2003) are slowly gaining adoption *globally*. Tracking down Beattie's blog, make me say "hmmnnn, thats exactly what we have been trying to advocate and developed a few years back!", and that has been getting more and more often as days go by. Makes me smile that whenever I meet those Telco representatives again, I can proudly say "We told you so!". Moving on...

The vacation would also be a nice opportunity to focus a bit to catch up on reading. I'm packing POJO's in Action and Head First Design Patterns (Some of those GOF materials are still foggy to me) to refresh my current perspective in application development and software design. Hopefully after this I can better face challenges with bookah on my hand and a better understanding of design patterns in my head and of course treodah to coordinate and manage them all.

Will likely have the chance to finally watch Season 2 of Battlestar Galactica and likewise advance Pacman's career on Fight Night Round3.

Another on my todo list is to meet with BiOS members on the region. The momentum is there, and hopefully be able to contribute back and help as much as I can.

Looking forward to visiting good old friends. Mindful that probably a lot has changed, but still possible that friendship has still retained some common grounds.

The fresh air would certainly be a welcome threat for my asthma, which has been frequent of late due to Manila extremely hot weather.

At the heart of it all would be spending quality time with the family. Rojan is really looking forward to go swimming at the beach. Janro would probably be happily contented that I get to spend more time with him. My lovey looking forward walking hand-in-hand at a moonlit beach. That means more hugs and kisses from these three! enough to recharge and come back refreshed and enlightened.

- moblogging underneath the andalusian sun

Yahoo! Go - Get Started on Your Mobile

This is really shiny!

Yahoo definitely gets it! Wonder if this would work on my wife's Nokia. While unlimited texting has surprisingly been tri-telco nowadays (thanks to Sun), applications that leverages the power of the Internet and combine it with richer UI's is definitely the way to go. Instant messaging via your mobile phone is quickly changing the way we communicate. SMS, primarily due to costs is currently suited mostly for local messaging. Instant Messaging (IM) on the other hand, can cross bounaries and is available across different devices (from PC's, PDA's, cellphones etc).

As data connection costs becomes less of an issue, this can also bring forth the rise of mobile web browser based applications which quite blends well with Sun's the network is the computer slogan. Meaning it won't matter much if your phone's processor isn't bleeding edge, manufacturers might as well focus on making better displays to accomodate mobile content. Mobile flash comes into mind, as well as AJAX, and a whole lot more! limited only by your imagination.

We live in exciting mobile times!

MailTags 1.2.1 - Meta Data Plugin for Apple Mail.App

Got a mac? A Folksonomist?

Then download MailTags! Allows you to tag your email. Its donation ware and damnably really useful. And just because organization involves more than just folders :D.


Grazr in Opera Platform - Web Applications Blog - by Web Applications

This is a nice prototype of a mobile RSS reader with an iPod like UI.

The only problem is doesn't fit well to places where the mobile user is charged per kb of bandwidth like the Philippines. What it needs is an offline, space shifting component like QuickNews. That means syncing (pulling your feeds) via an internet connected computer so that you take advantage of your existing net connection and only download wirelessly via your carrier when really needed.

Still, its a nice indication where RSS is heading: to the mobile device in the palm of your hand.

Exciting times...

Russell Beattie Notebook - $1,154.99 in Mobile Data%u2026 Ouch

Beattie is spot on, on this one.


Heck this is standard practice on credit card companies and banks, notifying in one way or another. Why can't cellco's follow?

I remember a while back when my company issued phone was stolen and unfortunately the thief was able to go way past the cellphone plan limits. Why on earth the credit limit wasn't followed boggles the mind. Are they doing this on purpose?. And yes, we were forced to pay the bill with a note that its a payment under protest, since we did report to Smart that the phone was stolen and the issue could have been handled gracefully if they automatically cut the service once the CREDIT LIMIT was reached. How hard can that be if they already had a system that monitors pre-paid credits and automcatically cut you off when you ran out of credits?

Another issue I can think of is those PC-to-Mobile text schemes that more often than not trick the poor recipient to thinking that he is replying to a regular phone number rather than a P2.50 per message VAS.