Friday, July 28, 2006

The Aquarium: GlassFish on FreeBSD

Just saw this on the Aquarium (Glassfish weblog). Kind of funny seeing my picture there. A friend of mine has commented before that from a different angle, it looks like am poking something in my nose. Hehehehe. I guess time to replace that that avatar. Makes me remember when a stranger asked me if am Weird and disorienting in some ways. :D

On the other hand, I direly need to manage my sched in order to continue with my Liferay experiments and Glassfish on the FreeBSD platform. The Liferay really just needs a few tweaks for it to use context path rather than stubbornly insisting to be on the root context. And so far the Glassfish running on FreeBSD seems to go along well like good ol' isaw and cheap red wine.

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