Friday, June 17, 2005

Is Linux For Losers? -

let the flamewars begin... :))

i think linux is *great* for desktops/laptops. but i'm still biased to freebsd and openbsd on the server front. hmnnnn, haven't tried opensolaris yet. my memories of good ol' solaris is still fresh, those machines (oozing cool blue sex appeal) were way slicker than the macs of today.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

yesterday, was rojan's first day at school. the hard part is waking her up at 6am. after the initial crying session, and she got dressed up everything went smoothly. as when she was fully awake the excitement of going to school got her to forget the need to go back to her pillow.

both nhelle and i accompanied her to school. Excited as I am, its no match to my wife's excitement.

the added bonus was the kwento-kwento during dinner where rojan gets to narrate what happened in school. the only downside is the 10 month old janro seems a bit sad when her sister was away.
life is a blur.

had a fantastic weekend up north in a place called botolan zambales. nothing beats swimming with 3 feet high waves. food was great, everything fresh and hand picked from a nearby organic farm. seafoods galore!

went with rojan, she had a blast playing in the sand.

when its time for my sunset, i want to retire to a place like this. somewhere in bicol :)

Monday, June 13, 2005

FreewarePalm: Idea Pad v3.0... killer app for the mind mapping enthusiast in you. wiki based tomboy should have plugin that lets you view your notes as visually connected stick-on looking notes.

still dreaming of a treo 650 tho. why does it has to be so darn expensive...
can't seem to install sjsas on ubuntu. google doesnt seem to have the answer either.