Friday, May 19, 2006

myGlobe - Configuration Guides

Finally was able to figure out the right WAP proxy settings for Globe so that I can test our WAP apps on my Treo, instead of annoying someone elses phone. The one mentioned on the Globe site configuration guide has the wrong port for WAP.

Use instead this:
Proxy Address:
Port: 8080

Yes, you can browse wap sites using the Globe Internet settings on the treo but has two issues:

1. You are charged via the regular GPRS rates of 0.25/kb. Unlike WAP over GPRS which is currently at 0.15/kb.

2. Your application on the other end would not get the phone number of the user accessing your WAP app. Not an issue if you are just displaying content, but really handy if you are doing customized apps (you want to store user preferences for this type of apps).

Oh the things you can do with WAP. It might not be suitable for "masa" type apps where SMS is still the medium of choice. But rockingly awesome for mobile to machine (M2M) applications. Added bonus, most mobile phones of late (even the inexpensive ones) are GPRS and WAP enabled at the very least.

Another bonus, WAP is capable of displaying images like a barcode that can be read by other machines. Independently mobile ideas for the mobile indie in you. :D

- am WAP'ed and am happy...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Google Web Toolkit - Build AJAX apps in the Java language

Way to go Google! Shiny!

That's love, developer love... :D

I spoke too soon. Windows and Linux only. Nothing for Steve Job's fanboys. Not happy.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Java Now Redistributable by Distros; Sun to Open Source Java -

This is good news! F/OSS distros can now bundle the JDK!

It just keeps getting better. :D

Apple - MacBook

WOW! Just one word. WOW!

Dual core, glossy wide screen, mag safe, iSight, remote, to name a few. This is digital mobile nirvana. And finally a black version is available!

Price is not bad either. PC laptops on that range doesn't even compare. OS X and that kind of hardware at that price is unbeatable.

Anyone wants to buy a less than a year old 12" iBook G4 1.33ghz?

Shame on you Apple for creating such a thing of beauty and tormenting previous model owners.

Monday, May 15, 2006

screen - The Terminal Multiplexer

Spoiled by the Gnome Terminal application's tabbed shells, I was looking for a similar terminal with support for tabs on OS X. The default doesn't support tabs. A friend adviced using iTerm, but found it rather slow and unresponsive.

So back to tab-less Then I remembered this command line gem called "screen" which I used a while back before being addicted to Gnome Term. It lets you multiplex your terminal, giving you the same tab functionality within a single terminal session.

Happy screen multiplexing. Because in the age of enevitable multitasking, life needs more than one active terminal session. :D

jkOnTheRun: More Sony UX pics

Sexy and shiny!

Nicer still if it runs on an open source OS like maemo. :D

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Monday Blues

Frack! I feel light headed. I should remind myself not to drink green tea at 12am . Else be subjected to that weird feeling when your body is dead tired, your eyes shut but your mind still trying to map out meatspace problems to their domain model counterpart. Worse, its automatically refactoring the damn domain model to manageable design patterns.

- mobloggin' on a southbound train. exquisite headeache seeping thru my sleep deprived brain.