Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wired News: Forget Jobs, Let's Worship Woz

Nice article. Sheds some facts about Woz, his tendency towards simple and open designs. Unattached to his money in normal ways, and never forgetting the fact that great people are where they are because they are standing on the shoulder of giants. Very NGO'ish geek. I like that.

Woz rocks!
Russell Beattie Notebook ? MaxDox Redux - Create your own mobile Java e-books

This could be a great mobile content product. Retail tagalog novelas per chapter download. hehehehe.

Pwede rin comics. Pugad baboy downloads!

I Retail mo baby, yeah!
AIDS virus attacked inside & out. Seems there is now a possible cure for HIV/AIDS! Hopefully, this gives hope to millions of people afflicted by the virus.
CoverflowRemote. This is salling clicker script to enable you to control Coverflow via your bluetooth enabled phone.

Wirelessly SWEEEEEET!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Found this out via the Diggnation (Episode 27) Vidcast ove iTunes


Don’t know about you, but I find browsing a list of album names somewhat uninspiring, to say the least. One of the big attractions of a physical album is the beautiful packaging and aesthetic appeal, something that’s sorely missed with the digital equivalent.

CoverFlow aims to bring that aesthetic appeal to your mp3 collection. It allows you to browse your albums complete with beautiful artwork pulled from any sources it can find, whether that’s buried in your song tags, collected via Synergy, or looked up on Amazon.

Screenshot of CoverFlow on bookah below:

Blue afternoon sky...

Blue afternoon sky...
Originally uploaded by nocs.
Passing over the magallanes flyover. Loving the warm blue afternoon sky. In just a short while, hopefully the stars won't be too shy, begging you to smile even if happiness seems light years away. Its still a beatiful world.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Novell Linux Desktop Demonstration Videos | Linux Edge... It could also be the state of XGL and the shape of things to come.... Check out the cool videos. Finally, something to harness the power of those GPU's while you wiggle woogle your desktop windows on a boring day.
Oh goodie! Lookie here!
Linux running on a Treo!

Hope it still allows you to make/recieve phone calls. :D

Hack the Treo!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Mobile Monday USA

The Mobile Monday USA. mission is to cultivate and accelerate US mobile and telecom sectors through leadership, technology, government relations, research, education, mentoring, investment, recruitment, networking and promotion.

Wondering if we also have a local version of this. Mobile Tuesday perhaps?
Stellarium Astronomy Software: Sort of like the reverse of Google Earth (which allow you to view the earth in 3D), this one looks up to the sky. Linux/Mac/Windows versions available.

Its kind of weird looking at the stars on a computer screen in broad daylight. On the other hand, its a much cheaper, albeit free alternative to buying one of those fancy telescopes.
Scrap my last entry regarding doing a separate install of SJAS on OS X.

The latest netbeans 5.0 and SJAS 8.2 bundle now allows you to specificy a different destination dir for SJAS.

I'm begining to like netbeans. :D


adding a Vi plugin for netbeans would really make my day.