Friday, November 24, 2006

Hawak kamay...

Hawak kamay...

Loving the 50mm!

- be true to the 50, and the 50 will be true to you...

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Girl succeeds having people buy her a macbook pro!


I remember Sacha Chua also did something similar (Ad Space) on her laptop. Only this time the idea was taken further. :)

Now, should I post my bank details for "Buy Nox a Canon 5D with a 24-105L lens" campaign. I'll advertise the sponsors name on the 5D, my blog, my ibook, and if the fund is big enough to buy a macbook pro, I'll find a way to laser etch em' too.

Too bad Paypal PH doesn't offer local bank withdrawals yet, that would make things like this a tad easier for international donors.

On the other hand, funding for a Tamron 17-50mm would suffice.

dreamy nox
- Canon are you listening...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

50mm Fun!

Really loving the nifty fifty! Way sharper than the kit lens. Now if only they make something as optically as good as this, with a focal range of 17-200 with IS priced not more than $200! Then more people (consumers) can concentrate more on the art and not the tool. Wishful thinking...

Anyway, more shots of my two little kittens:

My volunteer assistant little boss/cameraman/director.
Little Director

Tag team. Yey! Rojan won and bagged a medal.
Tag Team

daddy nox
- i love my kids!

My daughter rocks! and my cam is back!

My Darling Kitten

Yesterday was good timing as Canon called to inform us that the 350D was fixed and ready for pickup. It took them 1 month to replace the sensor and a few other things. Here is to hoping that problem won't go back anytime soon. :)

Anyway, Rojan presented the "Three Litte Kittens" this at her school this morning. Wifey and I were so proud. Also got a chance to use the nifty fifty (Canon 50mm lens) and take my shot at family candids/events photography. Its a bit weird using a fixed focal length lens for this type of shoot. Quite challenging! The 50mm prime was awesome but I think I need to add one more walk-around lens with enough reach for cases where you can't go beyond set boundaries, like a school stage for example. But for portraits and low lights (school gym) wide apertures really helps. Also 50mm on a cropped sensor like the 350D is a bit short on the wide end on a crowded gym.

Time to make excuses to get the Tamron 17-50 or the Sigma 17-70. Am torn between the two. If money is not an object, the Canon 17-40L would be nice or the Canon 17-55 2.8 IS, but those are way too much for this hobby. Unless if Canon would be nice to give me one for Christmas of course. Thats shooting for the moon, hehehe, as most reviewers on the net mention that they rarely even lend one for review.

daddy nox
-proud/happy dad!