Saturday, November 11, 2006

Its out!

Oh yeah! As I have told a friend who bought a macbook 2 weeks ago. Wait for this since the macbook pro line was just updated, and its predictable that the macbook series will follow by year end.

As for me, bookah wookah is still ok for my development needs. Albeit slow when resin and postgres fired up together with eclipse.

Ok, ok, this is a need. Not a want.

Oh well...

- i want you... i need you...

The official PSP™(PlayStation?Portable) Website

The wifi feature and with full netfront powered browser makes titillate the geek in me. Yes it can be it can be done on the treo and with Smart's flat per minute GPRS rate, but this thing has a freakin nice screen resolution! And last but not the least can play awesome games on the go.


Kiyosaki, Kiyosaki... If I had not read that book, I would buy this thing in a jiffy. But it wouldn't hurt to receive one from dear Santa this Christmas. I wish...

On another news, the PSP3 is out. But am not much of a couch gamer. Mobility is where the future lies.

- PSP dreamin, mobile indie...

Monday, November 06, 2006

Java Persistent Objects (JPOX)

This thing is sexy. Period.

Time to blog the adventures in JDO land. One baby step at a time.

- the simpler the betterererererer...

OpenDNS | Providing A Safer And Faster DNS

Hmmmnn... Some noticeable speed bumps.

Try it out! Shiny!