Saturday, October 04, 2008

hudson: an extensible continuous integration engine

This is thing is awesome! Such a welcome relief for us long time cruisecontrol users. It was relatively easy to setup, after the initial gotcha's for the SVN and findbugs settings, everything was smoothly running, like butter over hot pandesal.

Hooray! For high quality open source products like these.

Hudson... we don't have a problem..

Neil’s point-free blog � Blog Archive � What is OSGi for??

By far the best explanation on the lazy web of what OSGi is. :)

On my end am becoming increasingly curious about OSGi. Wonder how long till I succumb and scratch that itch and plunk down and do some happy code.

There are a variety of usage scenarios I can think right out of the bat. Wether its a fat client or a beer-belly server, who would not love upgrading your JAR dependent lifestyle with SOA concept based OSGi goodness?


Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Its lightweight and good enough for most cases. The only drawback is on OS X the JDK 1.6 seems to have a bug so profiling is not enabled. Bummer!

Lobotomo Software: MoofMenu

Leaving the settings at 40 / 70 makes the aluminum dramatically become more sperm friendly. Lets you sleep better if you are worried that heat might shorten the lifespan of you beloved mac hardware. And its freeeee!!!