Saturday, March 31, 2007


Touchdown at 12:45am.

The last bus has just left.

Next bus 4:30.

Here I am, stuck at the moment. Good thing wifi is free. Can't configure Globe roaming on the Treo. I manually selected available networks but no dice. Either my Globe postpaid isn't yet configured for roaming (as opposed to what I had been told by the helpline), or the trouble is with the Treo.

Haven't slept a wink. Budget travel doesn't guarantee a working recline switch. Imagine the two other person beside you dreamfully taking a nap in a slightly reclined manner, and your stuck with your seat in upright position. Oh well, that's life.

Had my first taste of "Nasi Lemak", spicy! I choosed the beef version. Its like beefsilog aimed squarely for the chili loving Bicolanos. Never thought that rice and fried salted peanuts would actually taste good together. Didn't finish it all however, am still pacing my baby-fat-flaunting stomach.

1.5hrs till the next bus.

sleepy nox
-- miss ko na ang aming kama, at ang malupit kong unan...

Terminal Musings

Different worlds,
different people,
different faces,
different languages,
all waiting,
to fly
neath the moon
and the starry skies...

Samantalang ako,
may naiwan,
slightly looking forward,
puso ko,
slightly nadurog.

Anak ng 365 na tipaklong,
and to think
I haven't left yet,
bakit nga ba,
the world needs pera
And my katabi,
naka macbook pa.

But still,
amidst all of this.
I still miss,
my son's laughter
the witty conversations
with my daughter
The warm embrace
only my wife could offer.

Tonight will definitely be colder.

traveler nox
-- never mind the mosquito bites...

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Big fish in a small pond, or
Small fish in a big pond.

Or everyone wants to be a frackin' piranha?

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Novell Linux Spoof Ad


JPG Magazine

NatGeo quality photos without the nagging advertisements for now.

I like the theme, keeping it real. No photography/digital art non-sense. They like photos that capture what is "there" instead of an alternate reality depicting photoshop-induced artistry.

shutter nox
-- keepin it real...