Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Google Talk!, seems to work with iChat. Have no luck making iChat work with Yahoo via jabber tho.

Monday, August 22, 2005

I think I finally found the words that best describes a Mac: "Its a creativity machine. Designed to bring out the creative creature in you!"

ChickenPox by: Jun Lisondra is out! You can download it for free! Reminds me of the good old IRC days at the #forum channel of PDI. Mabuhay ka pareng elmo!
addendum to the render/encoding farm concept, it could have a feature where you can inquire the status of your encoding job via SMS, WAP or via the internet!

hmmmmmnnn... pweeedeee!!! (ka edong effect)
Now if only there is an equivalent tool like ffmpegX for linux or *BSD's! Command line would even be preferred. That would mean easy to use video editing via iMovie and encoding to VCD/DVD via an idle unix powered generic PC!!!

The workflow would be like this Capture/Edit via iMovie (or whatever video editing tool you prefer). Then encoding on a unix PC which should produce a disc image ready for burning on any popular CD/DVD burning software. Ah, even an "encoding farm" would not be a remote possibility. With an "encoding farm", I can even rent it out to Video editors eh?

Yeah... Am a technopreneur wanabeee!
Another oddity of the MacOS X is when copying over a shared drive (WinXP host), it bails out if the size of the file(s) you are copying is greater than your current amount of local hard disk space. Internally it uses samba (SMB), but can't find yet if there is a setting that could resolve this problem.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

While editing a family movie is fun on iMovie, making a vcd copy of your work is another story. Encoding takes time and hard disk space and CPU processing power. Too bad the external USB enclosure (GL811USB chipset from Genesys Logic) doesn't work with MacOS X, it could at least help in the hard disk space dilema. On the encoding front will try this out: ffmpegX a DVD, SVCD, VCD, CVD, VOB, DivX, XviD, H.264, PSP, MP4, MOV encoder for Mac OSX. as other iMovie to VCD solutions is rather frustrating for an amateur video editor like me.