Thursday, May 26, 2005

New Scientist 11 steps to a better brain
mono::live... no more excuse not to try it out...

This Live CD contains lots of exciting software. You can:

* Develop, compile and run software with MonoDevelop.
* Listen to your music collection in style with Muine.
* Take notes with Tomboy.
* Manage your photos with F-Spot.
* Search music, photos, chats, and documents with Beagle.
* Explore web applications such as ASP.NET Forums, IBuySpy, and mojoPortal.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

(ootips) Should Distributed Objects Be Stateless? picked this up from pinoyjug... will read later...
Maemo SDK Tutorial... gotta love this developer docs!
Nokia - Nokia 770, bummer... you can't use it as a phone... voip perhaps? cant find where the mic and speaker is placed. but it does have bluetooth.

now this competes with palm's lifedrive, albeit 4gig seems to be on the lifedrive's favor. on the linux front, this one goes head to head with the zaurus product line.

more reason to pursue my "as titilating as the wet corners of the mind" pet project. but damn, its a bit akward to go back to developing stand alone apps when you're basically surrounded by 365 degrees of server side programming in the past few years.
Nokia - Nokia 770 runs on linux! way to go nokia!!! palm, do take the hint ;)

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Google personalized page also supports drag and drop for arranging your portlets... google's javascript hackers really rock!
Personalized Google... hmmnn... getting more portal like as each day passes by eh?

i like the quote of the day feature... i just hope it could be much more like the fortune cookies that unix has... and word for day is a nice feature too. today's word -> suffuse: spread through or over; to flush; so instead of saying " flush me baby" you can say "suffuse me baby... suffuse me".. . the latter sounds a bit sexier...

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Planet GNOME's new look is rather sweet... wonder what it would take to coerce migs to upgrade pinoytech's look to something similar... :D