Saturday, July 09, 2005

treo Addicts ? Blog Archive ? Google helps send text to your Treo.

haven't tested this send to phone yet. but shoud be really handy. i would assume the user will be charged for a push message.

on the other hand, can this be used for mobile spamming?

Thursday, July 07, 2005

i wonder... do sites like Google News need to request permission on all the news content on that page? or is it ok as long as:

1. you acknowledge where the blurb came from.
2. you provide a link to the actual news article.
3. ?

Wired News: Map Hacks on Crack. Nice to know yahoo is following google's open platform approach.

If only our telcos would follow this model. Its really a win-win situation. THE MORE MOBILE APPLICATIONS, THE MORE TRAFFIC!

I'm dismayed everytime i hear them say "this is an open platform", especially for m-commerce. For m-commerce this is the way to infuse more electronic cash into the system. A google like approach of opening the platform would mean more innovative applications! If they do that, then it would accelerate the increase of the level of awareness of potential users.

For the meantime, i don't wanna wait in vain...

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

HNS - Laptop Theft - An Insider’s Guide To Not Becoming Another Statistic.

i don't know the statistics locally, but in these trying times, better be safe than sorry. i regularly see people who are obviously just showing off their laptops (using a regular laptop bag) and even goes to the extent of opening their laptop at the mrt. good luck to them. i'll stick to the not so obvious laptop backpack rather than use a regular laptop bag.

wonder if there's a local insurance company for laptops....
at first glance i thought doing the UCP/EMI via Kannel ain't going to be easy. the docs remind of the early NET HOWTO days. was pleasantly surprised to have a working setup after i really took the time to read the doc. RTFM, read the farting manual. yay! sweet justice :D