Saturday, April 01, 2006

Fruity Thoughts

Yesterday, the taxi driver gave an interesting advice: "One of the key secrets in enjoying a healthy life is to eat whatever fruit thats in season.". His argument is that God made fruits seasonal for a purpose.

Makes perfect sense. Who would argue with Mother Nature and God's design?

So today, in addition to our traditional "Adobo Sunday" (TM), we bought a bunch of sweet mangoes and had a grand time eating it after lunch. Mother nature really knows best.

Friday, March 31, 2006


Finally a BSD variant aimed for th desktop crowd. Although it begs the question: Why does it have to be KDE?

I have nothing against KDE. It just doesn't feel right. The innovation seems to happen in the Gnome crowd. Oh well.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The magic that makes Google tick - ZDNet UK Insight

A nice article providing an overview how the Mighty Google search engine makes searching a household name.

A nice read...

Hot Weather

Literary hot these days. Yahoo weather reporting 36C average the past few days. Am having Asthma triggers more often. I should try to change my routine to go out of the house earlier and take advantage of somewhat a cooler time to commute and likewise go home late to wait for the streets to cool off a bit.

This are the times I wish I had a car with good airconditioning. Or wish that somewhat live in a place a bit further from the equator. Or wish telecommuting is the current standard norm. But such is life...

The gameplan is to send the kids to Bicol, which has a considerably more cooler climate since its nearer to mountains, to spend the rest of the summer. That would cut down our electricity bill and the savings could prepare us for the the next school year this june.

- typing away on a north bound MRT train

Monday, March 27, 2006

Folksonomy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Apparently there is a term for what I have been interested in for good deal of time now. It's called Folksonomy: a collaboratively generated, open-ended labeling system that enables Internet users to categorize content such as Web pages, online photographs, and Web links.

folksonomist nox
- thinking of ways to simplify things in his spare time.

Sun Grid Compute Utility

Fascinating! A step towards the "network is the computer" Sun has been saying for eons.

Looking into the future, it could be apparent that all that you would need to run your apps is a thin client terminal. Your applications run on Grid computers like this and data stored on your personal terrabyte drive. Your mobile device doesn't have to have the latest high end processors. Just good enough to process HD data perhaps? Sun is doing the commercial side of this industry $1/CPU-hr. Would google be able to offer a public free on-deman grid compute facility? What apps would you like it to run?

That kind of computing power would be handy for the RSS agents I have in mind. Or maybe, finally upgrade PAGASA's weather prediction capability. Reminds me of William Yu's presentation on cluster computing last year. Speaking of which, he has been actively blogging of late, check it out on my feeds list.

Exciting times! Moving on...

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hardcore eh?

There is an ongoing thread on the PinoyJUG mailling list regarding the members favorite IDE. Amusingly some showoffs seem to indicate they mainly code in Vi(m). Hayyy... Idealists on the wrong side of the coin.

WTF? What kind of projects are they doing? I have used Vi since circa 96, but use it mainly to edit text files on unix environments. But to use it for mainly for real Java development with a fair number of classes would be downright stupidly arrogant/ignorant. How can it beat code completion and refactoring? These folks doesn't have something called common sense.

If they really love Vi for its really simple and straightforward keybindings, they should try an IDE with Vi support (I use Eclipse with Satokars Vi plugin). That way they benefit from the features of a full featured IDE and get the good ol' goodness of Vi keybindings.
Had a nice weekend!

pre-weekend highlights
- Rojan graduated from nursery! Perfected all quarterly exams. Bagged a medal. Accomplished something that neither of his parents did at that age. We are so proud! Had a small party were everybody got a taste of my fabled spaghetti.
- Burned the midnight oil for most of the workdays. Re-designed the main app. Read thru the POJO's in action and Head First Design Patterns. Realized that am implementing the POJO facades the wrong way. Sigh, a developers world is full of foggy references. Complexity vs. Simplicity. More on this later. The fog is getting rather thick in this arena.

weekend highlights
- Fight Night Round 3! Assumed the role of Pacman. Took a beating from Morales on the first try. End-result of stupidly and stubbornly not going thru the training module first. After learning how to lean and parry and do quick jabs, and counter punches, was able to beat Barrera on the 7th round. Corrales on the 4th. Morales on the 11th. Wasn't too inclined to sing "para sayo" tho. Anyway, it was a great game! The texture mapped characters are not yet of final fantasy film category but good enough to recognize the players and have a believable game. Got to love the CSI'esue scenes just before your opponent or you goes down. The controls are easy to use. Really great game.
- Did some website cleaning. Did a makeover of the main website. Ditched the planetplanet and replaced it with Gregarius. This is the closest thing to what I want my aggregator to be. I can group feeds together and have each group have its own RSS feed. Its also quite easy to add new feeds. Found and AJAX enabled theme and its looking really sweet.
- Ran context analysis on my blog. Results were rather amusing. The tag outputs: Blog, Blogs, Mobile, Indie, Music, Humor, Erotica, Gadgets, M-Commerce etc. I never explected my blog to be erotic, maybe the occasional mention of the wild elmo triggered the thing. All in all a good start for my pet project that will potentially titilate the wet corners of the mind. Got to do some xml digging.