Sunday, March 26, 2006

Had a nice weekend!

pre-weekend highlights
- Rojan graduated from nursery! Perfected all quarterly exams. Bagged a medal. Accomplished something that neither of his parents did at that age. We are so proud! Had a small party were everybody got a taste of my fabled spaghetti.
- Burned the midnight oil for most of the workdays. Re-designed the main app. Read thru the POJO's in action and Head First Design Patterns. Realized that am implementing the POJO facades the wrong way. Sigh, a developers world is full of foggy references. Complexity vs. Simplicity. More on this later. The fog is getting rather thick in this arena.

weekend highlights
- Fight Night Round 3! Assumed the role of Pacman. Took a beating from Morales on the first try. End-result of stupidly and stubbornly not going thru the training module first. After learning how to lean and parry and do quick jabs, and counter punches, was able to beat Barrera on the 7th round. Corrales on the 4th. Morales on the 11th. Wasn't too inclined to sing "para sayo" tho. Anyway, it was a great game! The texture mapped characters are not yet of final fantasy film category but good enough to recognize the players and have a believable game. Got to love the CSI'esue scenes just before your opponent or you goes down. The controls are easy to use. Really great game.
- Did some website cleaning. Did a makeover of the main website. Ditched the planetplanet and replaced it with Gregarius. This is the closest thing to what I want my aggregator to be. I can group feeds together and have each group have its own RSS feed. Its also quite easy to add new feeds. Found and AJAX enabled theme and its looking really sweet.
- Ran context analysis on my blog. Results were rather amusing. The tag outputs: Blog, Blogs, Mobile, Indie, Music, Humor, Erotica, Gadgets, M-Commerce etc. I never explected my blog to be erotic, maybe the occasional mention of the wild elmo triggered the thing. All in all a good start for my pet project that will potentially titilate the wet corners of the mind. Got to do some xml digging.

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