Monday, March 27, 2006

Sun Grid Compute Utility

Fascinating! A step towards the "network is the computer" Sun has been saying for eons.

Looking into the future, it could be apparent that all that you would need to run your apps is a thin client terminal. Your applications run on Grid computers like this and data stored on your personal terrabyte drive. Your mobile device doesn't have to have the latest high end processors. Just good enough to process HD data perhaps? Sun is doing the commercial side of this industry $1/CPU-hr. Would google be able to offer a public free on-deman grid compute facility? What apps would you like it to run?

That kind of computing power would be handy for the RSS agents I have in mind. Or maybe, finally upgrade PAGASA's weather prediction capability. Reminds me of William Yu's presentation on cluster computing last year. Speaking of which, he has been actively blogging of late, check it out on my feeds list.

Exciting times! Moving on...

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