Friday, April 07, 2006

Isang tulog na lang...

It has been almost two years since I last visited Bicol. That is also equal to how long since I had a decent vacation. The main culprit is when I'm here in Manila, I'm having fun working, specially now that the products we developed for m-commerce a few years back (circa 2003) are slowly gaining adoption *globally*. Tracking down Beattie's blog, make me say "hmmnnn, thats exactly what we have been trying to advocate and developed a few years back!", and that has been getting more and more often as days go by. Makes me smile that whenever I meet those Telco representatives again, I can proudly say "We told you so!". Moving on...

The vacation would also be a nice opportunity to focus a bit to catch up on reading. I'm packing POJO's in Action and Head First Design Patterns (Some of those GOF materials are still foggy to me) to refresh my current perspective in application development and software design. Hopefully after this I can better face challenges with bookah on my hand and a better understanding of design patterns in my head and of course treodah to coordinate and manage them all.

Will likely have the chance to finally watch Season 2 of Battlestar Galactica and likewise advance Pacman's career on Fight Night Round3.

Another on my todo list is to meet with BiOS members on the region. The momentum is there, and hopefully be able to contribute back and help as much as I can.

Looking forward to visiting good old friends. Mindful that probably a lot has changed, but still possible that friendship has still retained some common grounds.

The fresh air would certainly be a welcome threat for my asthma, which has been frequent of late due to Manila extremely hot weather.

At the heart of it all would be spending quality time with the family. Rojan is really looking forward to go swimming at the beach. Janro would probably be happily contented that I get to spend more time with him. My lovey looking forward walking hand-in-hand at a moonlit beach. That means more hugs and kisses from these three! enough to recharge and come back refreshed and enlightened.

- moblogging underneath the andalusian sun

Yahoo! Go - Get Started on Your Mobile

This is really shiny!

Yahoo definitely gets it! Wonder if this would work on my wife's Nokia. While unlimited texting has surprisingly been tri-telco nowadays (thanks to Sun), applications that leverages the power of the Internet and combine it with richer UI's is definitely the way to go. Instant messaging via your mobile phone is quickly changing the way we communicate. SMS, primarily due to costs is currently suited mostly for local messaging. Instant Messaging (IM) on the other hand, can cross bounaries and is available across different devices (from PC's, PDA's, cellphones etc).

As data connection costs becomes less of an issue, this can also bring forth the rise of mobile web browser based applications which quite blends well with Sun's the network is the computer slogan. Meaning it won't matter much if your phone's processor isn't bleeding edge, manufacturers might as well focus on making better displays to accomodate mobile content. Mobile flash comes into mind, as well as AJAX, and a whole lot more! limited only by your imagination.

We live in exciting mobile times!

MailTags 1.2.1 - Meta Data Plugin for Apple Mail.App

Got a mac? A Folksonomist?

Then download MailTags! Allows you to tag your email. Its donation ware and damnably really useful. And just because organization involves more than just folders :D.


Grazr in Opera Platform - Web Applications Blog - by Web Applications

This is a nice prototype of a mobile RSS reader with an iPod like UI.

The only problem is doesn't fit well to places where the mobile user is charged per kb of bandwidth like the Philippines. What it needs is an offline, space shifting component like QuickNews. That means syncing (pulling your feeds) via an internet connected computer so that you take advantage of your existing net connection and only download wirelessly via your carrier when really needed.

Still, its a nice indication where RSS is heading: to the mobile device in the palm of your hand.

Exciting times...

Russell Beattie Notebook - $1,154.99 in Mobile Data%u2026 Ouch

Beattie is spot on, on this one.


Heck this is standard practice on credit card companies and banks, notifying in one way or another. Why can't cellco's follow?

I remember a while back when my company issued phone was stolen and unfortunately the thief was able to go way past the cellphone plan limits. Why on earth the credit limit wasn't followed boggles the mind. Are they doing this on purpose?. And yes, we were forced to pay the bill with a note that its a payment under protest, since we did report to Smart that the phone was stolen and the issue could have been handled gracefully if they automatically cut the service once the CREDIT LIMIT was reached. How hard can that be if they already had a system that monitors pre-paid credits and automcatically cut you off when you ran out of credits?

Another issue I can think of is those PC-to-Mobile text schemes that more often than not trick the poor recipient to thinking that he is replying to a regular phone number rather than a P2.50 per message VAS.


Thursday, April 06, 2006 NEWS - Apple's BootCamp boots Linux!

Just hours(?) after hell freezed and Apple released boot camp. Some linux geeks managed to get Unbuntu 5.10 to work on those new Intel based macs using the boot camp software.


[FreeBSD-Announce] The FreeBSD Foundation Announces Java JDK and JRE 1.5 Binaries for FreeBSD

Yay! Its official. FreeBSD can now come with JDK binaries (1.5) binaries. Hooray! Beasties rejoice! rejoice!

BSD Guides :: Doing Stuff With FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, & Mac OS X

Jon of BSDGuides was pissed off that was ripping off the sites content. From the site:

Site Rip-off
Posted by Jon on March 13, 2006 at 11:57:29 am MST

The popularity of BSDGuides continues to grow so much that people just want to rip it off. It seems the owner of does not have any creativity because they didn't even bother changing the format and stylesheet. I am not posting this to promote their site, but merely to inform you that is original in its content and strives to stay that way. I have no plans on informing the owner of their stupidity at this time as public humility should be enough.

Wonder who the owner is? The domain was registered by Chroot Inc. Copyright? Copyleft? I think the intention is good. Even if I have read Lessig's Free Culture, the public nature of the web makes the issue a bit foggy. Hopefully this can be settled soon.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

How I Work: Bill Gates - Apr. 4, 2006

Interesting peek at Bill's digital workstyle. Three LCD screens, each with designated roles. His Tablet PC usage and how Microsoft collaborates internally using sharepoint. Wonder what Steve Job's digital workstyle is? That might make another interesting comparison.

On the other side Cringley's latest post tells us why he likes Paul Allen than Bill Gates.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Canon EOS 350D

My dream digital camera. Should be a nice companion for the upcoming bicol trip. Or nice tool for starting in digital photography... Ahhhh... Daydreaming... Seems forever out of reach...

Skype - The whole world can talk for free.

Just upgraded to the latest version. Still no video available. I don't have a webcam or an iSight, so won't be needing that much.

It does bring a nice touch: When somebody calls you, or if you make a call with skype, it automatically lowers the volume of iTunes, mutes it on the duration of your call, then gradually brings the previous volume back after you hangup.


Howto OSS iFolder Server - iFolder

Oh goodie! iFolder is now open source! This enables you or your organization to have your very own derivative. Cool!

Welcome to HBO Asia!

They now removed the avantgo/pda version. Sigh... And wasn't even kind enough to provide RSS feeds. Instead resorted to a mailling list subscribtion model. Bummer...

Monday, April 03, 2006

NETGEAR - 802.11b Cable/DSL Wireless Router

Currently testing the netgear that came free (promo) with a colleague's new laptop (an Asus lappy from Villman). It seems to nicely cover the apartment and has some decent config options. Looks sleek and surprisingly I get a full bar on the 1st floor even if it only has one antennae and the unit is located on the 2nd floor on my makeshift SOHO. Fortunately the original owner has no immediate need for one, and I might get lucky and get a good discount for this thingy.

Oh well, currently happy unthethered :D. Still crossing my fingers that the connection won't be so flaky as reported by some customers around the lazy web. So far so good.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Ethernet Oldies

Since I don't have a switch/hub, and I can't justify to my lovey buying a Linksys WRT54G, I ransacked one of the old boxes where I knew I had a spare realtek ethernet card. Found it and plugged (surprised it still works!), it into the home server so I can at least configure it as a gateway gleefully doing the NAT dance. This still means no couch surfing and tethered living, but its better than nothing.

Still pissed off Bayantel DSL doesn't provide static IP's as they used to. Buy hey, still fortunate I was able to back off on that Smart Wifi connection. Bayantel's promise of a rebate for downtimes sends a message that this guys will hopefully move heaven and earth to manage service interruptions. Will settle for dynamic DNS solutions for now.

Ahhh.. the additional ethernet card also allows me to offload JUnit tests to that machine and still be connected. I also now have an excuse to update the kernel to FreeBSD 6.0 Release. Also, maybe its just me, but I get a kick out of having semi transparent terminal screens logged on another machine. Too bad the default OSX terminal doesn't support tabs. What a shame...

NewsForge | Interview: Theo de Raadt of OpenBSD

This guy has the ability to *really* stand for what he believes. My hats off to him. OpenSSH would not be where it is now, if not for the valiant efforts of the OpenBSD team.

Reading this interview reminds me that people are indeed strange, everybody is deranged. And the striking difference between advocating for software freedom, and meatspace freedom.