Thursday, December 15, 2005

Gmail Mobile!

Been using gmail a lot using an email client and rarely do I use a regular browser to access my mail. So was surprised that it now has a mobile page specially designed for mobile devices ->

Just in time for the holiday season. Thanks Google!

BeJUG - Transactional J2EE Apps with Spring

Wicked use of flash. Instead of just having a powerpoint download, this uses flash to present both the slide and the speaker to a web audience.

Imagine a world where the best teachers would make their lessons available for everyone! Opensource based education! Pancit-eating promdi's like me has now access to the same type of lessons as their Fetuccini-eating metro manila counterpart.

Of course the Internet as it is, has more or less has the features I described above. The problem is how do you bring the Internet to the poor or bringing the poor to the Internet.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Linux successfully installed on Treo 650 - Engadget -

It would take a while before it would become usable. Elsewhere Palm announced the move to Linux for the Palm OS. Hopefully they follow nokia's path and opensource the sdk like what they did for maemo.
Found the download link at last -> Google Earth for Mac OS X Beta. Lazy web at its finest.

Ganda talaga ng mansion ni Mang Hefner. :D

Google Earth for Mac OS X: it's here

Cool! I can once again drool over Hefner's place.

Btw, The download link given has exceeded its bandwidth allotment. Bummer... Can't find the official link on either.

Monday, December 12, 2005, unlimited gprs plans for globe. their answer to pldt's weroam service.

the weroam wireless sierra card have no xp 64bit driver. so our mobile executive is using a spare bluetooth enabled phone to act as a conduit for dialup networking. this works well if you have other gadgets that can also take advantage of the unlimited gprs connection. frustrating if the laptop was your only device.

hopefully sierra could come up with the drivers soon. checking lazy web if those sony erricson pcmcia gsm modems have 64bit xp support.