Friday, February 17, 2006

Adding -Xmx512m to your VM config for your JUnit test on Eclipse would spare you the agony of pulling your hair due to out of memory errors on your unit tests executed via the IDE. Sigh... my old fashioned ant build script has those and am now wondering why Eclipse doesn't make it the default VM config parameter? I've wasted half a day figuring out why my unit tests wouldn't run on the IDE but run when invoked thru good old command line.

Above config can be added to Eclipse by right clicking your JUnit test file and selecting Run As->Run... from the menu, select Arguments and add those to your VM arguments input box.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

ACCESS and PalmSource Announce the ACCESS Linux Platform - Press Release

Linux officially at the Palm of your hand? AWESOME!

Now that is a good direction Palm. Harness the power of open source.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Wired News: TextPayMe: Elminating IOU

Another take on the m-commerce thing. Same slow pace of adoption.

Basically, TextPayMe its a virtual wallet created via linking your credit card/bank account. Nothing new here, same system implemented in the Philippines a year or two ago.

I have a feeling something is bound to dominate the m-commerce space. The technology is here. Somebody has to mashup the bits and pieces together.
Wired News: My First Screen Kiss

This seems to be common in Japan, which is a year or two ahead of us in terms of keitai technology. There video calls are the norm, not the exception I guess.

Now that 3G is finally here, stupidly expensive rates aside, maybe next valentine will be seeing a few people smooching their cell phones on the streets of Makati.

Which makes me asks the question. Is it mandatory for 3G or 3.5G phones to be drool proof?

With this kind of technology, long distance relationships just might be the next big thing. Afterall, most Web 2.0 apps are geared toward mashups of social networking apps.

Oh my beloved,
Give me thy lips...
End our conversation,
with your sweet screen kiss...
-nox (of the future)

Valentines Day.

Valentines Day.
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Monday, February 13, 2006

Melvin, finally succumb to the allure of the mac. Bitten by the mac bug, he's now a fellow iBook totting lad happily counting the good looking women in Singapore.

And no, I did not influence him to buy an iBook. :D

Sunday, February 12, 2006

PalmBible by Yih-Chun Hu - A free Bible reader under the GPL license

Probably the best app on the Treo right now. Be enlightened and be free.
"Firefly" (2002/I)

Just finished watching the entire season over the weekend. That was a GREAT sci-fi series. Wonder why the network doofusly canceled it.

Take my love.
Take my land.
Take me where I cannot stand.
I don’t care, I’m still free.
You can’t take the sky from me.

Take me out
to the black.
Tell ‘em I ain’t comin’ back.
Burn the land and boil the sea.
You can’t take the sky from me.

Have no place
I can be
Since I found Serenity.
But you can’t take the sky from me.
-Theme from Firefly
Lower back, waist area hurts like hell. The expected result of playing basketball after being sedentary for good while.

And yes, what the world needs now, is love sweet love...

Happy Valentines Day everyone!