Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Wired News: My First Screen Kiss

This seems to be common in Japan, which is a year or two ahead of us in terms of keitai technology. There video calls are the norm, not the exception I guess.

Now that 3G is finally here, stupidly expensive rates aside, maybe next valentine will be seeing a few people smooching their cell phones on the streets of Makati.

Which makes me asks the question. Is it mandatory for 3G or 3.5G phones to be drool proof?

With this kind of technology, long distance relationships just might be the next big thing. Afterall, most Web 2.0 apps are geared toward mashups of social networking apps.

Oh my beloved,
Give me thy lips...
End our conversation,
with your sweet screen kiss...
-nox (of the future)

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