Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hardcore eh?

There is an ongoing thread on the PinoyJUG mailling list regarding the members favorite IDE. Amusingly some showoffs seem to indicate they mainly code in Vi(m). Hayyy... Idealists on the wrong side of the coin.

WTF? What kind of projects are they doing? I have used Vi since circa 96, but use it mainly to edit text files on unix environments. But to use it for mainly for real Java development with a fair number of classes would be downright stupidly arrogant/ignorant. How can it beat code completion and refactoring? These folks doesn't have something called common sense.

If they really love Vi for its really simple and straightforward keybindings, they should try an IDE with Vi support (I use Eclipse with Satokars Vi plugin). That way they benefit from the features of a full featured IDE and get the good ol' goodness of Vi keybindings.

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