Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hot Weather

Literary hot these days. Yahoo weather reporting 36C average the past few days. Am having Asthma triggers more often. I should try to change my routine to go out of the house earlier and take advantage of somewhat a cooler time to commute and likewise go home late to wait for the streets to cool off a bit.

This are the times I wish I had a car with good airconditioning. Or wish that somewhat live in a place a bit further from the equator. Or wish telecommuting is the current standard norm. But such is life...

The gameplan is to send the kids to Bicol, which has a considerably more cooler climate since its nearer to mountains, to spend the rest of the summer. That would cut down our electricity bill and the savings could prepare us for the the next school year this june.

- typing away on a north bound MRT train

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