Monday, August 22, 2005

I think I finally found the words that best describes a Mac: "Its a creativity machine. Designed to bring out the creative creature in you!"


chris said...

im planning to buy an ibook, the 14.1" standard setup. what do u have? how much did u get it? i'm planning to buy it off amazon at usd 1.3k. how do you find yours? is it worth it?

nox said...

I have the 12" stock model. I got it for PHP55.6K from a friend who went on vacation on Singapore.

The machine is really awesome! I added 1gig more of RAM tho because I use it as my primary workstation.

I didn't go for the 14.1" model because the price is a bit nearer to the 12" powerbook. IMHO, if I would get the 14" ibook I would rather just wait and save more and get the powerbook model.