Saturday, October 04, 2008

hudson: an extensible continuous integration engine

This is thing is awesome! Such a welcome relief for us long time cruisecontrol users. It was relatively easy to setup, after the initial gotcha's for the SVN and findbugs settings, everything was smoothly running, like butter over hot pandesal.

Hooray! For high quality open source products like these.

Hudson... we don't have a problem..


Slava Imeshev said...


If you remove gotchas and add ease of installation, you may be well talking about our Parabuild :-)

Anonymous said...

Good for you and way to go! CC times are over.

Interesting to know why you've selected Hudson over other CI tools? Free? Opensource? plugins? other?

Unknown said...

hi topka,

The selling point is the ease of configuration and maven2 support. The UI is quite nice and the ability to download the plugins on the fly is really nice.