Monday, May 15, 2006

screen - The Terminal Multiplexer

Spoiled by the Gnome Terminal application's tabbed shells, I was looking for a similar terminal with support for tabs on OS X. The default doesn't support tabs. A friend adviced using iTerm, but found it rather slow and unresponsive.

So back to tab-less Then I remembered this command line gem called "screen" which I used a while back before being addicted to Gnome Term. It lets you multiplex your terminal, giving you the same tab functionality within a single terminal session.

Happy screen multiplexing. Because in the age of enevitable multitasking, life needs more than one active terminal session. :D


eClair said...

Hehehe. Yeah. Gnome terminal and tabs. I missed that when I started using xterm. Now I use the terminal that comes with xfce ;)

nox said...